What to expect at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021

What to expect at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021

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Windows 8 Vs iOS, Which One Is Better?

It is hard to imagine that someone who is a diehard fan of iOS might actually be looking forward to the Windows 8 launch. However, when it is all about technology then it is imperative for a technology geek to look forward to new emerging trends. Now the question is in what ways Windows8 is better than iOS. Let us find out the special unique features offered by Windows8 that may help in grabbing attention of Apple users worldwide.

Getting Familiar With OSX Mountain Lion (10.8)

Mountain Lion is still perceived as an OS that is hard to understand or get through, especially when you have recently upgraded your system to Mountain Lion 10.8. Getting the hang of this system does take time and a continual effort. However, if you follow some easy tips it will make easier for you to get familiar with this new software and help you understand more about it.

Creating Windows 7 Restore and Repair CD’s for Your New Computer

So you just replaced your old trusty Windows XP computer and find yourself purchasing a new computer with a Windows 7 operating. You’ve checked through the computer box, over and over and you can’t find any restore or application CD’s. Your immediate thought is, “I’ve been ripped off”. In a way you have.

7 Tips for iPhone 4S/5 Users

If you are using an iPhone 4s or recently purchased the new iPhone5 then it is imperative that you find out the most essential tips for using it. There are numerous tips and tricks available for your most favored device but here are 7 most useful tips. These will help you gain a better control of your device and are useful too.

Different Modes to Back Up and Synchronize Your Data

Backing up and synchronizing the contacts and other data on your device is not difficult but somewhat confusing. Here is a look at various means by which you can easily perform the action.

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