Xiaomi’s Hyper Charge can charge a phone in 8 minutes

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HP ENVY 17t-j000 Quad Edition – A Nicely Built Laptop With Entertainment Features and Expandability

You can count on having a good time when it comes to a laptop such as the HP ENVY 17t-j000 Quad Edition. It comes with everything you need for enjoying multimedia such as videos, music, DVDs, and so forth. You can also customize it with the level of performance and power you need.

How To Find Model Name And Serial Number Of Your MacBook

Do you want to upgrade the hardware of your MacBook? Do you want to order the replacement parts? Here is how you can find out about the serial number and model name of your MacBook.

Choosing Between a Tablet or 5-Inch Android Phone

The sheer variety of choices on the phone and tablet market nowadays is both exhilarating and sometimes maddening when we are forced to choose between one or the other. There is only an inch or two of difference in size between a tablet and a 5-inch Android phone. In short,

The Top 5 Most Expensive Viruses in History and Tips on Avoiding Them

Computer viruses often cause most of the problems in your PC that may require an expert help of a computer repair professional. While tamer viruses may only cause a system slow down, the most brutal ones can compromise your data, harm your PC, and even cause damage worth billions of dollars. As computers are meant for interconnecting, viruses can travel from one part of the world to another in less than seconds taking away all your data and systems files.

Will a Freely Distributed OS for Smartwatches Succeed?

Google’s Android system is provided free of charge to mobile phone makers, thus making Android-powered handsets one of the most ubiquitous smartphones around. Will this strategy work in a similar manner for the smartwatch market?

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