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Well it has been one crazy year wouldn't
you say? So that is making the patriotic holidays that much more meaningful to me
and so with that in mind I put together some of my favorite and best
patriotic DIYs… I hope you enjoy them so let's get started! with all of the fun patriotic holidays
coming up I'm going to be doing some projects that we'll be knocking off
pottery barn items so I went over to pottery Barn's website looking for some
inspiration for 4th of July and I saw some really cute things there including
a table runner and the table runner had two options one was Stars and Stripes
and then one was just stars and I just loved them but they were $70 for the
runners and I knew that we could get the look for less so though table runner is
going to be in all stars but I knew I needed to bring the stripes out for my
patriotic theme table so I went over to their napkin section on Pottery Barn and
I came across these really cute ticking napkins and then I looked at their price
tag and it was $90 for a set of four I was just totally blown away beautiful
though I loved the way they look so I'm like that's what I'm gonna do is I'm
gonna make some making napkins is gonna be so easy so I got my star fabric from
Hobby Lobby on sale for $6.97 (US) a yard I got two yards because I wanted to have a
little extra maybe for this project a little bit later but I think we're gonna
be able to get away with squeezing out in one yard of fabric and I'll show you
how we're gonna do that my red and cream ticking I also got at Hobby Lobby it is
a really soft fabric I think it will make great napkins and it was on sale
for $3.49 a yard now I wanted to offer you two different ways to do it because I
know not everybody sews and doesn't feel comfortable sewing or have a sewing
machine so I'm going to do each project differently so for the table runner I'm
going to be using some iron-on adhesive and so there
won't be any sewing on that and for the napkins I just wanted to sew those and
just have the the nice hem on it I learned how to sew when I was 8 years
old and my husband actually says I'll I'll probably be in the doghouse
for sharing it with you if I could learn to sew at 8 and he can sew I promise you
you guys you can do it buy an inexpensive sewing machine possibly
borrow one from a friend or your parent or somebody who has a sewing machine
that would let you try it out making napkins would be a perfect way to start
your sewing but again I wanted to offer you two options so we're going to do
both so let's get started this will be a no sew option for you and you can take
these principles and use them on the napkins if you'd like but again we're
just going to do it on the table runner for this one we're going to be using
some heat and bond tape you could use peel and stick it's basically adhesive
tape you're gonna need an iron so I've got mine heating up so this fabric is
only 45 inches wide if you were able to find a fabric that's similar that's 54
inches wide you could do the hundred and eight inches that the Pottery Barn is
I'm only gonna do 90 inches which is the width of this twice because my table is
a little shorter and so it will work just fine you could also cut it the
other direction as well what we're gonna do is I'm going to measure my fabric to
19 inches and then I am just gonna cut on that line and we're gonna cut two
panels and at some point you can just fold it over on itself and use itself as the pattern.

Ok so now we've got our two panels and
before I start doing anything I always like to press out my fabric so you can
get out any wrinkles and have a nice fresh start… Alright so we're done
ironing our panels and what we are going to do now is we are going to take our
bonding tape… out of the box… so we can use it! so we're gonna have to put a seam in ours because I'm
using two panels and I thought that that would be okay because I'm going to be
putting a center piece over it and I just didn't think that it would be a big
deal if it had a seam in it so we're gonna take our hem tape and we're gonna
match it up to the width of our runner and then we are going to cut it and then
we're going to iron this on and just to protect our iron from getting all gooey
I'm just gonna put a a paper towel down and you can see that we've got the tape on
and now we need to peel it back and we are gonna take our other panel and we
are gonna put right sides together and line it up really nicely just kind of
slowly iron it on it doesn't take too long you want to make sure that you melt
the glue you should have a seam okay so I allowed it to cool and then I kind of
fold it out and press down the middle just to create a nice crisp seam now
we're going to start doing the edge banding now I'm only going to be using
this maybe a handful of time so we'll probably pull it out on Memorial Day and
fourth of July so the proper way to probably do this is to go around create
a lip and do like a finished edge but I'm just gonna leave the rough edges
exposed and that's gonna be fine it's not gonna be getting heavy use so what
we're gonna do is we're just going to kind of repeat that process on all of
the seams so just follow the instructions on the box as far as how
long to hold the iron down that creates is our no sew table runner looks so much
like the original ten dollars versus $70 and if you wanted to save a few extra
bucks you could sew it and it would be a little bit cheaper because you don't
have to get the hem tape but that turned out so good I'm so thrilled with it I'm
ready to start my napkins that are gonna be just a ginormous amount of savings
what I'm gonna do is this fabric should tear and give us a straight line so I'm
just going to start by tearing the fabric to get us on a straight line that
will help us just keep the squares nice and square and sometimes it will like
kind of snag a little bit and you just take your fingers and run it along and
pull out that snag we are making 20 inch squares so what I'm going to do is
measure down 21 and a half that allows some seams and this should tear straight
so I just make a snip and then I rip it and we're going to just do it the same
thing in the other direction make a snip I usually snip about an inch so you have
enough to grab and then so that's our first square it causes it to kind of
curl around the edges so I think at this point I will iron them out I'm gonna
need six for my table so you just tear out what you need for yours I want to
show you how I do this and I've already done it on
sides but we just fold it up like a quarter of an inch and I'm just
eyeballing it because this doesn't really need to be that perfect because
we're not hemming something it's just to have a nice finished edge and not have a
frayed edge so I'm eyeballing about a quarter of an inch and I'm pressing it
down with the iron which creates a nice crease and this iron does a fantastic
job we're gonna fold it over about a half an inch again I'm just eyeballing
but what I want to show you is here on the corner I actually fold it on a 45
degree angle and I kind of tuck that in you don't have to do that but it just
gives it a more finished quality with this all ironed and with all of these
edges ironed down we are ready to sew so I'm going to sew up this seams to this
it shouldn't take more than a few minutes but if you're not sure how to
sew you're gonna want to pop on over to my IG TV channel because I show you all
of the sewing basics from threading the machine to winding a bobbin to doing a
straight stitch it's all in my episode this week over an IG TV…

If you already sew, then all you do is sew it up and that's what we're gonna do right now Our set of four napkins… these were about
five dollars versus $80 massive savings same look it's awesome on Amazon I found
a couple different options as far as flag banners that kind of like the long
narrow kind of flag banners to hang outside I wanted to do that kind of like
behind the food table I just thought that they would be really cute the ones
that I found online were about $33 to about $45 per panel so it was a little
bit pricey and I thought that we could do a little bit better and I thought
this would go really well with our other projects today so what I found is I
picked up this red and kind of off-white striped outdoor fabric from Walmart of
all places it was about $7 a yard and I got two yards of it and then we have
left over of the star fabric from our table runner project and then I cut it
down lengthwise down the center and that's going to be the top portion so
what we're going to do is we're going to take this fabric also cut it down the
seam lengthwise and that should give us 28 and a quarter each panel we should be
able to get two panels out of our fabric making this a very affordable project
and the fun thing about these projects are that once we make them we can use
them year after year after year I have my panels cut out…

Doesn't that look like a flag? just we're going to start by sewing these two fabrics together then
we're just going to hem around the entire panel and then I'm going to
create just a little pocket so that we can slide it onto a dowel
our panel is complete I will hang it on a wooden dowel outside that's what we
got so far let's get started I'm really excited to
put this together we made these amazing flag banner panels and I'm ready to hang
them and what I'm going to do is I'm actually just going to take these
suction cut hooks and hopefully just suction cup them to the window and
hopefully it will stay so we'll see what happens I've got a wooden dowel and
we're gonna slide that right into our pocket I don't know it feels like a flag
I feel like I shouldn't let it touch the ground…

Doesn't this look great?! as always
a white tablecloth if you've been watching my channel for a little while
you'll know that I like to use some sort of wrapping paper to protect my
tablecloth and this time I've just decided to use some packing paper as it
because I just think it will have a nice natural element to it so I'm going to
put that on now It's looking good! and now it's time to add our table
runner how cute is that seriously so I'm going for kind of a casual elegance for
my table and so I thought it would be really fun to use some galvanized
Chargers and so we're gonna put them all right next up we have my
everyday white plates I use them all the time in my table
scape it's very appropriate in our more casual yet elegant table scape and then
on top of that I'm going to lay one of our napkins and it's going to look so
cute now I'm gonna set a salad plate on top of our napkin and I got these little
American flags at Walmart four for a dollar ninety seven and I'm going to
just place those on top of the plate those would make a really nice party
favor for your guests so for my centerpiece this is a tray that I've
used a…

Several times I got it at Michael's for like six dollars all I've
done is just add some American flags into it I like the juxtaposition of the
grass and the wood and the American flag I think it's gonna look really cute on
our table so coordinating with our centerpiece I
took some of the grass mats that were left over and added it to a galvanized
three-tiered tray that I already had and I also stuck some flags in there all of
my flags I pretty much either got at the dollar tree or Walmart and so they were
really inexpensive so I got this galvanized bowl at Walmart several years
ago and I thought about it and I thought this actually might make a really good
water jug stand so I'm gonna flip it over and then I got this mason jar jug
on clearance at Walmart once for five dollars it was incredible steal I use it
all the time I've had it for a few years and I think it's going to be perfect in
this setup all right now it's time for some finishing touches it's gonna look
great I'm adding some stemware to add a little bit more elegance to our very
casual dining so I'm sticking with pretty traditional fourth-of-july a menu
I've got some hot dogs grilling up right now and I can't think of anything more
refreshing than infused water on a summer day and so I'm going to do a
patriotic themed infused water start out by adding some ice ….

Whew!!! It's gonna be
nice and cold but it's hot outside that's okay and then we are gonna just
layer in some blueberries and some strawberries that I've cut up and then
just add water okay so we're having a pool party so I
got some pool toys I have some pillows these are borrowing from my house this I
actually picked up at the goodwill in the Maine before I moved, so I had it on
hand I got a whole bunch of these beach balls from the Dollar Tree and I'm going
I'm in my pool I want to let you in on a little secret
that my friend Lisa over from Lisa Burningham designs I'll put the link to
her channel in the description box below but she gave me this tip once and it
made me feel less guilty and so sometimes it's okay to buy store-bought
stuff and I like that so I went to the store and bought a whole bunch of vanilla
cupcakes with white vanilla frosting and I dressed them up by putting some
blueberries and a strawberry on top to make them feel festive and adorable and
so we're going to put these on to our plates as a little treat and nobody will
have to know that you and I and maybe Lisa she understands though if you're enjoying what you see so far
I'd love it if you hit that subscribe button so you don't miss out on any of
my future episodes So our next DIY is a patriotic wood round and I've done
various forms of these wood rounds I love them because you can get two out of
one you can put something on one side and then flip it around and help
something on the other I pick mine up at Home Depot because they have the best
prices and you can do curbside pickup so it's really easy to do this and then I
have of course my favorite gold paint that we're gonna be…

(laughing) We'll try that again
I've got my favorite gold paint and pure gold my Folk Art we're gonna start by
painting out the edge of the wood round in the gold and making sure that that's
on there really good and then you know if it gets on to the front it's okay
because then we're going to take our white chalk paint and then we're gonna
paint the front of the wood round and get a nice couple of coats of white on
there now it's time to stripe our wood round and you're gonna need some of my
favorite thing… painters tape if you watch this channel for a while you know
I have kind of a love-hate relationship with it but we're gonna need it for this
project and I'm going to show you a technique that will help you not bleed
your stripes you can see I love stripes and I have a definite technique to help
you avoid the bleeding that is inevitable when you do stripes so the
first thing we're gonna do is section off the top third because that will be
the blue portion of our flag then we're gonna take another strip of painters
tape and find Center then we will place a piece of tape right in the center and
then we will take two more additional pieces and place tape on either side of
that original center piece and then we will remove that Center tape because I
wanted my middle strip to be red then you will kind of use that tape as a
spacer and rotate it back and forth until you have stripes now here's the
secret trick you're going to take the same white chalk paint that's already on
and paint that on all of the edges to seal the paint so that when it bleeds it
will leak the original color then you can take your red paint which
the color I'm using is called Tuscan red and you'll need to do two to three coats
probably closer to three now if you're impatient like me just pull out your
hairdryer and help it along a little bit when it is fully dry you can peel it
back and I usually like to do this on a 45 degree angle and reveal your perfect
stripes now it's time to paint the top third blue but before we can do that we
need to repeat the process we need to extend those stripes up and also seal
the edges there this sounds a little trickier than it actually is if you see
what I'm doing it's pretty easy or going to paint the top third in that navy blue
color the color name is ink by Martha Stewart I only ended up needing to do
one coat because as you can see here I squeezed the navy blue right onto the
top portion and I might have squeezed out just a little too much…

But it I ended
up working out just fine now it's time to take our printable or your vinyl
stencil you can I've got two options here you can do USA or America I'm gonna
actually be cutting mine in a Cricut vinyl stencil just because it gets a
little bit cleaner look but of course if you don't have one I got some printables
for you so don't worry you'll still be able to do this project and it will turn
out amazing so I think I'm going to use America and now the fonts that I use for
this is called nocturnal you can download that from dafont.com if you are
watching from another country then you can adapt this project for your national
holiday and your national flag just use the colors from your flag I think that
this is a very adaptable to that and now if you're doing this without the vinyl
stencil what you're going to do is you're going to just take some graphite
paper and lay it down and you're going to put your printable over the top then
you're going to trace all of the outlines of the work lettering and then
what you're just going to go ahead and go back in and fill it in with a gold
now if you're going to use the stencil you are just going to lay it over the
blue section and you can see part of the letter a went on to the striped area and
I'm totally okay with that then we're going to repeat the same thing that we
did with the stripes taking the same color that's underneath and sealing the
edges with that paint color to prevent bleeding once that's dry I do three coats of the
gold color then I let that dry yeah….

This my friends is what happens
when you lack patience but that's okay cuz it's a fairly easy fix but do wait
for your paint to really dry before trying to remove the stencil or that's
what's gonna happen to fix my impatient mistake I just go back and do a little
touch-up by hand with a small paintbrush and while I'm at it this is a good time
to do any needed touch-up on the sign okay I really love how this turned out I
thought about doing stars up there and you could definitely do that you could
just do stars and have just Stars and Stripes but I really love the gold
America and even though we had a little bit of a hiccup getting it on in the end
it looks pretty good what do you think and so all we have into it really is
some paint and some stencil supplies the would round costs $6 now remember to
hang on to it because we've always got it back and we can do dual duty we've
done that in the past where we do one side and then we flip it around and do
the other so that really ends up making this three dollars for this version and
then we'll save three dollars for the other version back in February I did a
pink rose topiary ball that I thought was so cute and I wanted to do a version
of that for fourth of July and all of the patriotic holidays that we've got I
have this white candle stick that I picked up at the Dollar Tree a while
back and if you ever see these bases at the Dollar Tree snag them because they
aren't around all the time but I am confident that whether you go to a
thrift store or somewhere you can find a candlestick for a good price that has a
similar look and feel to it I was going to use this for another project that I
didn't end up doing and so it already has the foam ball glued onto it then
you're gonna need some red roses I picked these up on clearance at Hobby
Lobby three and 99 for this big beautiful bunch I think it was regularly
sixteen dollars for the bunch that was a really good find! having said that, if
you can't get those the ones at Dollar Tree…

really upped their game at that on dollar tree of flowers these ones they
have at the Dollar Tree they're very very pretty
these ones are much larger these ones are a little bit smaller so you're gonna
need more bunches and you'll end up spending about the same so whichever
direction you want to go is perfect you just need some red rose bushes then
you're going to need some gold star stickers now these are so nostalgic for
me because I remember as a little kid if I did something good at school my
teacher would always take these little star stickers and either stick them on
my hand… a few of them stuck them on my forehead…

Everybody wants a
gold star right?! this is gonna be a really simple project to put together
all we're going to do is take our star stickers out and peel them off and we
are gonna just stick them in random patterns all over our little base… this
is already painted white if yours is not already white paint it white first and
then we're going to take our navy blue paint that we used on our last project
and very carefully because we're not going to go and seal all the edges on
that just would take a long time but just very carefully kind of bounce
maybe use a makeup sponge and just bounce on this navy blue get it sealed
and then maybe do a second coat because we do really want this to be like an
opaque finish so then we're going to just cut off like an inch of the top of
the roses and just stick them until it's a nice around sphere this is not
complicated to do it all you just need to shove your roses in and then we are left with such a cute
patriotic rose topiary isn't this cute I just love this and it started with just
a dollar tree base and then a dollar tree foam ball and I think they come in
two packs at Dollar Tree so that's a dollar fifty for the foundation and I
used all of the roses from the Hobby Lobby Bush which was four dollars and
then I also added the extra dollar bush So you're probably into this about seven
dollars and I think it's worth every penny I love how this turned out very
patriotic and very cute what do you think? Okay so our next patriotic DIY is
of course a fourth of July sign now you will probably recognize this from the
past two way cool dirt cheaps…

It's just a wood sign that I picked up at Walmart
for $4.97 and we've used it every time and I've just been sticking different things
on it for each holidays this time I have created a printable for you for those of
you who do not have a Cricut machine you will print this out and use it as a
template to cut out the contents of this sign now if you do have a Cricut machine
we are gonna get cut out some poster board and cardstock on our Cricut
machine I had this stuff already on hand but you can find a similar stuff and
very easily I'm confident I picked up this sheet of paper at Hobby Lobby and
has kind of got like a shiny metallic finish on it we're going to use this on
the number four…

Now for July I have this this is kind of big but it's this kind
of shiny metallic blue and I actually already had this on hand and it was a
poster board that regularly retails for $1.19 and I got it on 50% off so this
whole poster board was probably like 60 cents and we're going to just cut off a
little section and put it through our Cricut machine so you won't need much of
that and we're going to just cut that out then we're going to take some sticky
putty so that we can remove it for the next time we have a holiday and we're
going to just tack it onto our board with the tacky putty and it will
so cute so we have now used this little black frame for three holidays and
originally cost me $5 so you split that up three ways and you're talking a
little over a dollar fifty per use now and we're going to use it again and then
again and again and that's why I like to use the tacky putty because then I can
just peel this off and use it for the next holiday and that is a really big
space saver I don't know what do you think alright so for my next DIY we are
going to be making a little pom-pom and star Garland and it's gonna be super
shape we're gonna just use some yarn that I have on hand and make some cute
little pom-poms then I just cut out some red stars out of some cardstock now you
could use the leftover paper from our July 4th sign and that would be great
you can really use anything that whole assortment you could use just whatever
it seems to you just cut out some stars and you can use cookie cutter you can
use a Cricut machine you can use whatever you want and make your own
template and just cut out some stars and then of course I love making pom poms
they're so much fun and they're really easy to do and I just have my cute
little tiny tiny little pom-pom maker and these come in a package of different
sizes I've made a tutorial just on making pom poms before but in short all
you need to do is pull out one side of the device and wrap it in a
back-and-forth motion until it's full and the u-shaped area is filled in with
yarn then you're just going to close that
side of the device and open up the other and repeat that process then you're going to take some scissors
and snip down the middle cutting the yarn in half then you're going to take a
piece of yarn maybe eight inches long and tie it through the middle section of
the device and make sure it's nice and tight and make several knots and then you
can remove the device and you have a pom-pom now go ahead and give it a
little haircut and give it a nice round shape but leave the long strings that
you tied around the middle section for now now to assemble the garland I just
find the center and I want a star to be there so I take two of my red stars and
put one on the back side and then I fill the center with hot glue and then I
sandwich another star on top gluing it to the twine and then I use my palm as a measurement
very scientific I might add to space out my pieces alternating pom-poms and stars
to attach the pom-pom to the twine all I do is take the long strings and tie a
square knot and then cut off the excess to blend in with the pom-pom is super
easy to put together okay so this garland cost almost next to
nothing I mean it's just a little bit card stock some yarn and some twine
stuff that I already had on hand I didn't have to go buy anything I
estimated the amount of supplies that I used and I figured it was around a
dollar to a dollar twenty-five worth of supplies but that is being very generous
and to be honest with you I believe that it was probably much less you could use
the stars and stripe and just do all stars you don't even need to do the
pom-pom that was something I thought about doing is just using the paper from
the fourth of July sign of the the shimmery blue and the red and white
stripe but I didn't want it to compete too much with my next DIY so for my next
DIY we are going to be making a really awesome printable they normally make
them a sixteen by twenty but this time I'm going to also be offering it as an 8
by 10 and 11×14 to add a little bit of flexibility in price and availability to
print out so I hope that that is helpful to you and it's just my little token of
appreciation for supporting my channel which I am so grateful for now last
month I really liked the printable here it is super cute Peter Rabbit if you
haven't seen this episode I'll link it below the one that I've got planned for
this patriotic one I'm really quite excited about now I normally print these
out at Staples and they print them out on like a normal paper a heavier weight
paper but a normal type of paper and so it comes out really matted at which I
actually really like but their machine was down this time so I decided to go
ahead and give Walmart a try and I do like it too but it is a little bit
different it does come out on like a photo type paper with a little bit of a
sheen on it and there it is and it's the Declaration of Independence with a
beautiful translucent American flag over the top of it I just love how this
turned out and I hope that you like it too and
we need to do for this DIY is literally just put it in the frame and call it a
day it's super easy and you get a beautiful impact piece for your home
without doing much now the cheapest way I've seen to be able to do it for this
big is 16 by 20 size is at Costco for $6.99 they will do it unfortunately for
me the closest one that has the photo print and service available right now
is over an hour away so I looked into shipping it and it was going to be two
weeks but you can do it at a Costco if you have one convenient for you for
$6.99 so that's a great deal at Walmart they just raised their prices from nine
eighty six to twelve something I don't know but it's still very affordable for
such a huge impact piece and then we again use our frame over and over and
over again and then if that doesn't work for you I do have the 8 by 10 size and
the 11 by 14 as an option this time so it should work for anybody's budget and
what they have available as a frame but I just know that this is going to make a
such a meaningful piece I love it I'm so happy with how it turned out and
I hope you enjoy it too so next up burlap fabric cut me some red burlap and
I wanted to try my hand at the burlap wreath and so what I did is I just cut
it to 6 inches if you recognize this this is the leftover fabric of the table
runner fabric that I I've squeezed every little last ounce of fabric out of…

So this
is just leftover fabric from my table runner and I kind of just made it into
this long sash I'm going to be tying a bow around it I'm not exactly sure how
I'm gonna do it but I have that available to us then I have this wire
frame that I picked up at the Dollar Tree
so this was a buck and so that's really really affordable so this shouldn't cost
us very much money at all even if you had to buy burlap now I'm gonna confess
I've never made a burlap wreath before so we're going to do this together I have
mine about 6 inches wide and I'm going to start out by folding it half and then
you fold it in half again and then I have a little piece of wire and they
you thread it right through the middle kind of towards the end here and then
what we're going to do is on the inside of the Ring you're gonna wire it we just
twist it and just so it's nice and snug so we've got that attached so the idea
is is then you you pull it through always you always always always start on
the inside ring to make sure it's even all the way across use about the width
of your hand so then we do that and then we thread it through like so and then
again you want to make sure that these are all even and all about a palms width
squish it down and you should be able to fit three rows in here so but before you
move on to the next row twist it two or three times you start on the inside and
you just keep going all the way around then we do our last one and it should be
a little snugger cuz I think we're supposed to be able to fit three in each
so that's looking pretty cute so far so we'll just keep going all the way around
it's actually kind of fun…

If I would have known it was so fun I probably would have
done it the way sooner once you push it down because you've got that row done
just remember you twist it probably three times to get it secure and then
you start again on that inside you don't have to like be completely flawless but
you do want to make sure it's nice and tight I'm not quite sure how that whole
twisting thing keeps this into place but it seems to work so we're done and I
honestly I don't know how in the world this worked out this way but it ended up
being exactly enough so all I need to do now is do the same thing we started with
is take a piece of wire thread it through
and pinch it all together fold it you know in those quarters wire it grab it
really good and twist it really nice and tight there we go how cute is that it
was pretty easy honestly I have a lot of loose threads from the burlap but I
think if that kind of just adds to the effect of it a little bit but I'm gonna
clean it up a little bit and then we're gonna take our ribbon here we're gonna
just thread that through I am just gonna tie it to just a bow and see how that
looks okay how adorable is that so we could
either do it that I kind of like it a little bit off-kilter
this is really lightweight this was easy let me know in the comment section below
do you like this? This is definitely one that you could use again and again I love
that because then I don't have to buy something again next year so that's good Well I hope you enjoyed this episode if so here's another one that I think
you'll like as well and then until next

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