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oh god why this girl is looking at me? jaanu i love you!! you don't want to say something else? ok jaanu tell me why you love me? dying here i want to die!! your yellow teeth! What?? let me drink water. tell me why you loves me? there's nothing special it's just normal did you ever see yourself? do you know something? i know everything. ok tell me a hack hacks i'll tell you right now. hacks are in my blood how much you want to know 1000 or 10,000 let's go in this video i'll tell you hacks do comment that how much you liked our lovi dubby jodi? this time i'll ask 2000 rs from mummy i'll buy lehenga everytime mom gave me old lehenga or dupatta say mummy ji. ji mummy ji mom give me money. i want to go to party. i'm safe from mom's slap but it seems that now have to do hack from this dupatta let's go and i'll tell you the hack for this look please wear any plain kurti and leggings and take the contrasting and matching dupatta pin up the wide part of dupatta on neck just like this now second end of dupatta take it out between the legs hold both ends of it and pin up from backward like this now as per your like tie any belt and complete the look.

And here it's ready new style dupatta drapping now you can say dupatta drapping or new style kurti these baby hairs and flyes damages whole look but don't worry for this we need a mascara wherever your baby hairs flyes upper, nearby ears or at neck wherever hairs are coming out apply mascara like this. now this hairstyle is looking so clean and classy hello baby no one is at home please come to meet me baby everything is locked because of corona ohh lockdown is open now ok i'm coming right now ok listen please wear that black saree you look hot in it to make this beautiful girlish look you need black saree so firstly take saree around you like this and tuck in peticoat now directly go to pallu collect it and move it from backward and put on left shoulder so let's go and fastly make the plates make small plates like this and tuck inside peticoat now we need to take any chokar neck piece now it's turn of hairstyle so fastly do mid partition of hair with the help of tail comb and take out two flix from front now pin up some hairs that you move backward woth the help of bobby pin apply lipstick matched to your neck piece here's you girlish look is ready black and red combination always looks good baby you came yes i came please come near of me where are you going? turning off lights no going to take taki for you hey bhuli do you bring lunch? where is food? that i forgot!! opps i forgot to flush!! where is you lehenga? ohh i forgot that yes bhuli said! Please give any saree for farewell.

Have it! Ok i'll wear it right now but it's peticoat ! that i forgot there is no fun if curve doesn't show when you wear saree so for this we have a hack you can replace your peticoat with your jeggings first jegging is high waisted and second closed to body so it adores your curves just try once and comment that how much you liked this hack? wow from where you learn this hack? I also watch Anaysa for this type of good hack hit 1,00,000 LIKES what figure is this? maybe my figure will look the same.

This time i'm not going to leave him yes it is true! yes see Anaysa's hack how much good saree i wore it never looks good because this gap shows here but don't worry Anaysa team is having hacks for this also for this we need to take that bra cups fold this like this and wherever you have hip dip put it there like this here your dip is gone and for this hack wearing shorts is compulsory now see look in saree see what perfect figure is coming? listen i just want to look like deepika let's do one thing first you do my makeup then we will go in party have you ever saw yourself from top to bottom you will do look of deepika you won't look like papaya in front of her you are talking about papaya do you see your face it's look like ladyfinger mother help me i have only 1 friend who knows makeup daughter i'm here Anaysa devi i'll hell you for this look pair up any magenta pink saree contrasting blouse Simple jewellery bright lips bindi and don't froget gajra fastly set plates of palluu and pin up on shoulder now after pinup see this extra cloth is remaining don't worry take out the cloth that tuck inside from right side of waist now see left side finishing how good it is looking!!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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