Amazon Alexa Dashboard auf Fire Tablet nutzbar | Smart Home Dashboard [DEUTSCH]

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everyone today I want to show you what the current amazon aleks m sport looks like and what functions does that have i am talking about
the very early current version from november 2020 the dashboard will come via free
software update to all current celebrations hd tablets this also includes the current
hd 8 here is the list for the current case has the tablets that support the sport
alternatively you can find the list below in the infobox
does not appear to be known at the moment whether the update to older celebration has the tablets currently it is also not known whether the dashboard will
also appear on android or ios catch we at the design for this I take you with me in
the screen capture the dashboard is located on the home page and the lock screen
in the lower left corner of the screen the design is firmly structured and
you can divide it into four areas above all light bulbs all switches and all
stuck deactivate can be found below individual devices as well as the devices are
sorted into categories and a self-created routine unfortunately you can
not change the dashboard background – it remains in one plain gray as standard, you
can also choose the individual categories I just mentioned not sorting or
rearranging only individual ones Pin devices and thus
display them at the top of the list.

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The same applies to routing otherwise the dashboard works like you
know from an athlete control his smartphone devices temperature
adjust the light after switching it on and off just like on the hanger show device,
you can also view your cameras directly here and the categories you can find the individual
smartphone devices and categories However, dreams are not displayed
at the very bottom of the sport you will find the The routines used here can be
started directly without triggering the tractor there is mainly a
need for improvement in the design of the amazon alexa the sports equipment cannot be individually assigned to
a fixed location and that background image cannot be changed it
is important that amazon finally has a dashboard Apple has developed
home kit for their own smartphone and has adapted their ios version so that this is structured like a dashboard, so
many users have it without much tinkering possibility, for example,
of attaching a smart home center in the form of an ipad to the wall for amazon alexa smartphone users have not had
the opportunity to do this so far, i see a great advantage here for amazon because amazon celebration tablets are a lot
cheaper than an ipad and so you can fix this stationary in a wall but
what do you think about the amazon alexa dashboard do you have any questions write
me in the comments if you mine liked the video then please leave
a subscription including a like I'll be in the future Upload more videos about smart home on this channel
so it pays to stay tuned until then

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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