Apple iPhone 13 event: LIVE Recap

Apple iPhone 13 event: LIVE Recap

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Quickly Create Law Outlines With Livescribe’s Echo Smartpen

Livescribe’s Echo Smartpen has taken my note taking to a new level. I love using technology that saves me time. Time saved means I can get more done – equals me making more money.

Delete Windows Safety Series Off Your Computer for Good

Windows Safety Series is causing issues all over the place. Here is an informative article about the threat and also at the end you’ll find a free option to delete this threat from your computer. It actually works. Read this complete article.

ITunes: Removing Duplicate Media Files and Playing Selective Tracks in Sequence

A music enthusiast will find no reason for not loading music in iTunes library, even if it causes clutter and memory issues on Apple device. At this time when your Apple device is overwhelmed with music files and you are facing space constraint you require a cleanup. The files need to be re-organized and adjusted elsewhere to give way to new files or to make the music library appear more legible. There are some tips that you can apply to your iTunes to remove duplicate files and enable sequence adjustment. Let us learn the two most essential tips that will help you make relevant adjustment in your iTunes library to make it appear less intimidating and cluttered.

4 Essential ITunes Tips

When it comes to ripping music of CD it is easy but linking music within your Apple device may seem complicated. Other things like finding volume adjustment/ an equalizer setting for that particular song is time-consuming task. All this can be easily overcome if you know the tips that you can apply in your iTunes. Let us learn about the 4 most essential iTunes tips that you can apply for a better music experience.

Facebook Has Allowed to Change the Custom Page URL Second Time

As you remember that Facebook has allowed to set custom vanity URL for the Profile and Pages couple of year ago. At first they allowed people to set custom vanity URL and that was for the people who has opened their profile in certain period of time.People was so much excited getting this opportunity.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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