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Wow!! You've brought new cushions New lamp!!! wow!! this too sure!! she got some sort of Lottery its not like that I made them with my own hands give your hands to me then how I'll make diys for my friends you works hard for these so get 25,000 likes to this video first let me show how to make it This hanging decor is too easy so lets start making it with its Pom pom take wool wrap it around your fingers 70 to 80 times tie a knot at the centre cut it from the edges don't cut it at centre otherwise it would turn bad trim that much size you want to keep for Pom pom likewise I made 14 Pom poms now its turn to make this part take a round frame tie thread like this likewise tie it with 14 threads to hand pom pom now we gonna add pom pom in it likewise tied then in the increasing order again tie a thread for hanging for its filling add some beads like this done with our Hanging Pom pom decor take empty glass bottles for this add little water to Fevicol and put it on the whole bottle now take wool or string according to your room colour and start wrapping it from the end till another end and then cut now make an " I" shape with buttons on the other make a heart shape on the third bottle make U Shape bottle decor is also ready decorate it with lights or flowers now we gonna make toffee and bow shaped pillow first we make toffee shape for this take 1m cloth and keep a pillow over it now fold it like this now fix double tape at the corner now paste it like this again paste the left over fabric like this now fold the fabric like this again paste this portion too there's no need of stitching now give it a toffee shape for this gather fabric like this now secure it by stitching repeat the same on the other side as well for this wee need to tie the pillow from the centre now hide this with another matching fabric fix pom pom to make it look more beautiful now its turn to make bow pillow again cover this pillow with the fabric like this now bring its left side towards the centre gather the wrinkles like this to give it a bow shape secure it by stitching again repeat the same to the other side join both the bows at the centre take white or net fabric to hide the thread stitch it at the centre tie it tightly at the centre this will give a perfect bow shape to your pillow and our beautiful pillows are ready here so how did you like this home decor video?

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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