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okay I know guys, probably the best whip you've
ever seen in your life. Hey guys! It's Jennifer and welcome back to my room
makeover series! In my past 2 videos in this series you guys
have seen me repaint my room and put in all the furniture and all the big changes and
then you guys saw me reorganize my room – organization tips and tricks and storage ideas. I would definitely recommend watching those
2 videos before you watch this so you're all caught up on how my room is lookin. And then in this video I'm finally going to
be decorating. I'm showing you guys
a bunch of DIYs, things that I just did to decorate, so stay tuned
to see how all the awesomeness goes down. I need to stop. And then
the fourth and last video in this series is going to
be my final room tour so stick around.

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I'm really
proud of.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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