DIY Shadow Chandelier – MAN VS PIN #1

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What's up Everybody, I'm Rob, welcome to Man Vs. Pin The show where we find something awesome on Pinterest and then try to remake it without looking like an idiot. Which happens more than I'd like to admit. So, you may have seen this. It's the Forest Shadow Chandelier, which projects awesome Foresty-type images all over your walls using light trickery It was created by these two artists out of Denmark, Hilden & Diaz, who are known for amazing light installations all around Europe So I emailed them and asked them how much one of these would be along with the details and this is what I got back There's only 100 of them made and they cost $4100 a piece $4100 bucks, a little out of my budget, so I'm gonna see if I can remake this for as cheap as possible The first stop, the craft store. I picked up a couple variations of these plastic branches which I could easily bend and mold into shape And then I picked up this wooden round ball of twine, which I'm gonna use for the base Next, I'm busting out the white spray paint and giving everything a good coat Then with some wire cutters I'm cutting off the ends of the plastic branches Now with some wire, you can easily take the branches and connect them on to your twine ball This thing was actually really useful because I was able to weave the branches in and out and connect it, it was super easy Then you're just going to keep on adding all those branches on one by one by one wrapping it all around, making it look like an awesome spherical ball of branches While you're doing this, be sure that you leave a hole large enough to fit your electrical appliances in to Speaking of electrical alliances, I got his one, which is the cord and socket over at IKEA for a few bucks Next up, the bulb Pretty easy, right?" I thought.

I read the article, it said a high-intensity bulb So I got this 120 Watt bulb from the hardware store Pretty bright bulb, Alright, I figured, that might work Nope. Not even And I was like, Alright, well I just gotta get a brighter bulb So, I picked up this 200 Watt bulb, thinking, well, that's pretty bright Alright, well this one actually did a pretty decent job of casting all the shadows on the wall A little blurry, not so defined, it was close but still not right I thought, " If it was just maybe a little bit brighter" So then I got this 300 Watt bulb, which I totally thought was gonna do the trick But, this actually made things worse, which was an odd turn of events It was around this time that I started playing around with LEDs, which in the long run just turned out to be an incredibly wasteful amount of time and money After 3 trips to the hardware store, it was time to call it a day In conclusion, the closest I got was this 200 Watt bulb, which was still pretty awesome It obviously didn't have the same symmetrical shape and amazing definition as the original, but Hey, now I know why they costed $4100 bucks And why they call them artists If you've seen a pin out there that you wanna see made but don't have the time or the money or the patience for, let me know about it in the comments below or email it to us at Also if you have any lighting solutions, leave them in the comments as well We'll see you next time.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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