DIY Transparent Screen

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Hey, Evan. Hey, Katelyn. You know, screens
are cool and all, but what would be even
cooler than a screen? I don't know.
A clear screen. (laughing) That would be so cool. We could, we could
like, play video games and see each other's eyes. Through the screen. Through the screen! Or, I could draw silly
things on your face, through the screen. It would be so cool. But is it possible? Oh, did you have
another example? Or, we could like, watch movies, romantic movies, but also
see each other's eyes. Or, yeah, or that. You're not, you don't
like my idea, I can tell. And the way we can
make that happen, I think, is we'll
disassemble this monitor, and break it into layers. How an LED, LCD display
like this normally works, there's a light emitting
layer at the back, the LED, shining out
pure white light.

And it passes through the
liquid crystal display, which colorizes it. So for the white right here, it's just the LED shining
through a clear LCD. Now for the color,
the LCD is colorizing that white light into
whatever color you want. Now disassembling this,
fitting it into a new frame. All of that. That's the hard part. I'm not gonna lie, I'm
a little worried that we're gonna break everything. Yeah. I was looking around,
and I don't see like, any screws, where's the screws? Ooh. (jazz music) Joobie, are you excited
it for the monitor? Yes. EVAN: Can you help
us disassemble it? No. KATELYN: What a silent meow. Oh, looks like we're laying
'em down for surgery. We are. KATELYN: Scalpel. (laughing) Okay. I'm just going to
start disassembling
whatever I can get. We don't need to be able to
salvage any of this framework, 'cause we're gonna build
our own frame later. Yes. Right? Okay, that's good. Now we do need to
salvage the electronics that are inside of here. But we can destroy the chassis.

Look, I'm getting
it, I'm getting it. Wait, wait, wait. Sorry, I don't, I'm
going in so blind. Am I gonna like, snip a wire? Am I going to break everything? I don't know. You know this is
outside my comfort zone, in every way possible, so. Where? It's just all one piece. There must be a way… There's a way. To like- Don't snap it though.

What if we cut the corners? Oh, I did a thing. Yes, yes. Naughty? (gasping) TOGETHER: Oh! Oh, that part's connected, okay. It's connected. Is this free? (plastic crashing) Ha ha! Ha, ha, ha! Okay, can I just do a
really quick systems check? Yeah. See if it still turns on? Does it still turn on? (wood block falling) (gasping) That almost smashed my toe. The revenge of the block. You guys know what
block that is. (hammer hitting) I'm so clumsy, look at these
big dents in the woods. KATELYN: Seeking revenge,
yet finding no success. Ha ha! Right, so the monitor is
plugged into power, and yes. Look at that. Oh, sweet. That's beautiful. Okay, we haven't
broken anything yet. So far, so good. Okay. You know, what's crazy, Katelyn? What? I want to show you
what the LCD is. This thing right there.

That's what we're gonna extract. KATELYN: That's
like, one millimeter, two millimeter thick? EVAN: Yes. KATELYN: Thing, okay. There. This is what we're going for. Man. Oh, look, you can see! Isn't that weird? Oh, it looks wrong. What's in there? What are you pushing in there? There's like a foam seal
that goes all the way around. Now some of it's in there. We're gonna be
separating it anyways. Let's go ahead and
remove all the screws. All of the tape we can see. (upbeat elevator music) I don't know what this
does, but I unplugged it.

(laughing) Oh, a whole chunk comes off. And this cable sends the signal to the liquid crystal display. So what we need to do
is disconnect this. Oh no. KATELYN: What happened? Was I not careful enough? KATELYN: Did it break? It kind of, maybe broke
just a little bit. How important is
that metal piece? Probably really important. Right? Did we break it all ready? So it goes back in. I think it still might work. Getting so sweaty, my
mustache is sweaty. (laughing) You can't see it. I thought you were taking
a selfie of your mustache. Can you feel it? Touch it. Oh yeah, it's moist. (laughing) It's a moistache. A moistache. Okay. So we can just put
all of this aside. (organ music) Oh no. Oh no. KATELYN: Oh no? EVAN: Okay. Okay, okay, okay. Why is this so stressful? Why did I choose today
to wear long sleeves? (laughing) Now my mustache
is getting sweaty. Oh sorry, there you go. Oh, yes. And I think we can just
run something gentle all the way around, outside. And then the liquid crystal
display will be free. Please detach, please. Oh! Oh, it's detaching,
oh, it's detaching! Oh, it's detaching! Oh.

Oh… Is that the LED
panel back there? That's the LED panel right here. And this is the LCD right here. I'm so nervous. I don't want to pull, I don't want to crack
it, because this is liquid crystal display,
it's crystals, it's fragile. Oh no. There's foam on this
side too, I think. Is that bad? Yeah. I'm not sure if I'll be
able to access all of it. What if you have to
access it from the side? Like reach in here. (laughing) Doesn't reach long enough.

I can reach it. Okay? Full separation there. I almost got it. Where are you still connected? Okay, now let's see. Oh, oh. Oh, okay. You got this side? Yeah. I got that. I got the little one. Oh my gosh. This is so thin and light. I know! This is so thin and light. I'm freaking out! I'm going to see if we get, we have the right size
plexiglass to like, hold on either side of this. Oh no, these are too small. Okay. I'm going to do something crazy. I'm going to do something crazy. I'm going to plug it in. Oh, what will this look
like without the led? That's what we're going
to find out, baby. Give me a second. All right. My hands are shaking. This is the part
that you thought you might've broken earlier? Yup. How important is
that metal piece? All right. It is plugged in here.

Let me power this on. This is like the
true moment of truth. If this works, we're like,
looking pretty good here. It would confirm that we
didn't break anything. Yeah. Okay. Monitor cable, power cable. Oh, I see a light. Can you see anything? Yeah! Oh, I can see it. I see the red. Yeah, yeah, yeah, here, go up. Here, move slowly. Move slowly, and people
can see the color change. I'm going to play
that same video. Oh, this is so cool. Oh, weird. I can see it better
from this side. You can't see it from
the back to well, 'cause it's super reflecty. There might also be
a polarizing filter. I can see it from here, though. Yeah. Did you get it
from this side too? EVAN: Oh my gosh. I know, it's working. Look at that. Look at that beautiful creature, who we can see every pixel of.

EVAN: It's kind of hard to see. KATELYN: But you
can bet it works. EVAN: Everything's working. We're on the right path. KATELYN: We're on
the right path. I think now we need to
remove a filter from this. Okay. According to some online
videos that I watched, you get wet paper
towels and you lay it across here for an
hour up to a day. And then you can
just peel it off. I feel like the wetness
seeps into electronics, but that like, gave me a
stomachache immediately. This is going to feel so wrong. It's gonna, yes. Fairly wet. Okay. KATELYN: It's bedtime for you. This looks like an arts
and crafts projects that's gone wrong. Yeah, we paper
macheing this monitor. EVAN: Paper mache
monitor, DIY hack! (ticking) Let's see if this is enough
to remove it the film.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Do you have a satisfying angle? EVAN: Okay, go for it. (sexy music) Oh yeah. From the side too, oh
yeah, that's great. KATELYN: It's tearing. EVAN: Oh no. Oh no. That's terrible. So we're encountering
some difficulties. I think we just need
to let it soak longer. We thought that since
we have it in this half with polarized
sheeting, what is it? I dunno. Is it anti-glare? Is it polarizing? We're removing some sort
of filter from the top, but I want to see what it does. 'Cause it's half on, half off. Let's plug it in. ROBOT: And see the difference.

Yeah, I mean, if we
decide we liked it better with the sheet, there's nothing
really to do about it, but maybe we can
solve some mysteries. Yeah. Let's do it. Oh, also I went ahead and
ran to the hardware store and got some protective sheeting that we can kind of
like, sandwich it. I thought we'd
just, mention that when we got to later in
the edit, that's fine. So, a plexiglass sandwich. Okay, let's just
put this behind it. Oh yeah. I can see it much better. Wow. Oh wow. This is a moment where
it's coming together. But is the removed film good? Or the with film? This is film. This is no film. The no film is better.

The no film is better> Yeah! Okay. Oh, thank goodness. There on the top, that's clear. And right there. That's where the filter is. And you can see like Katelyn's,
hand on the other side. It's blurrier and
this is not as clear. It's not as good. Yeah. So we'll, we'll remove
the rest of the film. We'll just let it
soak a bit more. Yeah, yeah. Hey there, do you
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code EVANANDKATELYN80. Ooh! Fresh. The pippled cu- the pippled cucumbers! The pippled cucumbers, y'all. So now that we've
taken everything apart. It's time to put
things back together, but in our own monitor frame. And of course we have
the supervisor here to approve our design.

EVAN: Looks like
she's keeping a very strict eye on things. You working hard? Yes. I'm going to try to keep
the design fairly simple. Just two main components,
the base and the arms, the base will have a
CNC'd slot cut into it, so that we can feed the
cables through to the electronics enclosure that
will be screwed to the base. TOGETHER: And now,
a build montage. (jazz music) Ready to find out if this fits? I am. I'm so excited to see what
this looks like altogether. (laughing) Okay. Oh, love, that looks sharp. You know this be a cool look
for monitors, in general. This type of frame. All right. Now we just got to
install electronics. (jazz music) (gasping) Oh, sorry. Oh, that makes me a little. Let's see the access
to the bottom.

How do I prevent it
from sliding out? Beautiful. Yeah. Now this is a little
bit of a tricky part. The final time I
have to do this. So hopefully. KATELYN: Hopefully
you don't break it. EVAN: Yes. KATELYN: Nice. (buzzing) What if we had of
broken at right there, because of the top tape. It was stuck down and it
was pulling it an angle. (laughing) No, I can't. This LCD has gone through a lot. The cables have
gone through a lot. What if we have assembled it, but somehow broken
it in between? Okay.

Power on. Data in. Please. Yes! Yay! Yes, yes, yes, it was okay. We haven't broken it yet! It looks good. Right? It looks, it looks,
it looks high end. Looks like a thousand
bucks of fake money. Joobie, what do you think? Does the Supurrvisor approve? Hi, nerds. EVAN: Yeah, come on out. What do you think? You has ham back there? KATELYN: Yes, must investigate. EVAN: Oh, she wants. She wants to be! KATELYN: Well thank
you for demoing it. EVAN: Yeah, yeah! KATELYN: Perfect silhouette! EVAN: Yes. Yeah, that's so fun! But now we need to somehow
justify all of this time and effort that we put into
this transparent monitor.

I think the best way to do that is for you to stand on one side. And for me from
the other side to Photoshop things onto your face. Perfect. (upbeat piano) Help! Help, I'm trapped inside
of a computer monitor. Awwh! You ready to do
some Photoshoppings? Yeah, let's do it! This is so neat. Okay, so, Katelyn and
I both have a live view of what you guys are seeing. So that we can kind of
like, interact together. Katelyn has also prepared some
files that I'm scared about. So I'm wondering, love.

Are you feeling rock and roll? Magical? Glam? Magical. Okay. Oh god. You're a hairy lizard. A hairy lizard! Aye, Katelyn, can
you replace my eyes? Can you do, can
you do my makeup? Do eyeliner? Let's try two different
ways to do it. This will be a great test. One is using Photoshop
assets, and one is drawing. Okay. KATELYN: So we'll
start, with that. Oh no! Oh, this is really cursed! Oh no! Give me a sassy pout. Oh. (laughing) Oh, baby. So interesting being
able to see you, and like, what you're doing. Oh, oh. Supurrvisor wants in my lap. Hop on up! Yes. I have an assistant. (laughing) EVAN: I can kind of like, barely see you in
the reflection. Yeah. Joob keeps head butting my arm.

So she's having some input too. Mm. Ooh yes. Oh my. (laughing) KATELYN: I'm going to need
to touch up your brows. Oh, I look so glamorous. We can title this, this video
Evan's e-girl make-over. KATELYN: I'm giving
you a purple mustache. Oh, that's what that is. I think you look lovely. You are ready to take
the internet by storm. (laughing) Now that I've been an e-girl. Now I want you to
add like tattoos, Did the Supurrvisor
put you up to that? Yes. I know you've been
considering face tattoos, so.

Dragon. KATELYN: It's a spider web. Oh, crawling on my face. Oh, this is going to
upset some people. He's got one really muscly leg. That's his killing leg. You know, it's not
a perfect spider. (laughing) See, look, this
let's you preview a tattoo with
different emotions. Happy. Sad. KATELYN: Is that your sad face? Mm, that's kinda good. Classy. KATELYN: You could kind of
pull that off, honestly.

Here, let me just add to it. Ooh! (tongue rolling) Here, I have another
hairstyle for you. It's Snooki. Oh yeah. Is that your best? What's your best
Snooki impression? That's such an
outdated reference. I don't know. I didn't remember
that cultural moment. What's your Snooki impression? KATELYN: Oh yeah. (laughing) Ooh yeah, it's me, Snooki. (laughing) All right, so now that we
have a transparent monitor, we have found at least one
amazing, beautiful use. Very practical. Very practical. But you know, this project isn't just about being practical. It's also about
challenging ourselves and doing something cool. And building something
that looks really sweet. If you guys want more
Evan and Katelyn content, we have more channels.

We have our second channel. We have two gaming channels. We live stream on Twitch
and we have a podcast. You remembered all of
them, I am so proud! (clapping) Bye! Bye! (booping) But so far. I can't shake your hand
right now, I'm sorry. Here, shake something else. Thank you. I know you don't like it
when I touch your nose. I really don't. (laughing) Okay, let's turn this off. (booping) Oh, no, all my stuff. No, I'm coming. I'm coming, stuff. Just don't die, stuff. Okay, shoot him,
shoot him, shoot him! I can't! Hey, how about you just shush?.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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