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Let me show you my room isn't look good? hmm..its Ok..but see this flower pot which my father bought especially for my room its good but.. look at this fur its all good but don't you think you spend much on this we've to do it if we want to make our room to look beautiful its Ok but there's no theme at all in your room what?? let me show you my room which is Unicorn Theme Based I am going with her till you hit Like to the video. Do Subscribe to our channel I decorated my room on "Unicorn Theme" so let's start making with this DIY Unicorn Head so let's make its flower first for this we need chart paper cut chart paper in this shape likewise cut more in different size make fold using pencil to get a curve like this now make a cut & paste it in cross pattern so that we'll get a petal shape likewise make the remaining petals take another chart paper & make fold and cut like this now fold it using pencil as shown in the video now spread it like this take a round piece of chart paper and paste all the prepared petals on it now let's make this horn make fold like this on a golden sheet & cut now let's make its ears follow the steps as shown in the video now make its eyes like this now let's paste all this on the wall like this now let's make this Rainbow Unicorn for this we need colourful chart papers cut chart paper in semi circle likewise cut coloured chart paper in semi circle shape in thin strips like this now paste all these strips on that semi circle and remove the left over portion now just paste all these on the wall now let's make this beautiful Horse Unicorn so first let's make its face so for this cut a horse shaped face on cardboard and with the same shape paste a white paper over it take colourful wools and fold them 15 times each and also make a braid using these wools now let's make flower for this cut ribbon into small pieces and make folds like this likewise make more leaves and paste it now we gonna make its horn for this cut glitter sheet in horn shape now paste all the prepared things together like this and then draw its eye hang it either on the door or on wall it will look beautiful now let's make this Unicorn Pillow Cover for which we need fabrics draw bunny ear on the white fabric and cut now paste Bukram cloth as shown in the video now fold it in unicorn shape and stitch likewise make some more flowers follow the steps as shown in the video

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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