Do you trust an Amazon robot? | Engadget Podcast Live

Do you trust an Amazon robot? | Engadget Podcast Live

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How Technology Creeps Into Our Lives!

Internet and social networking activities are very much a part of our daily lives. We check out emails upon waking up, we go through our Facebook walls and updates early in the day and kept on logging in 3 to 4 times a day or even more to check the latest news or other social networking sites, be updated with our jobs or other internet marketing business, read e-books and do some bank transactions online. Whereas before, we rely only on television, radio, newspapers and magazines to get the latest trends and updates worldwide, now in just a…

Get the Most Out of Your Phone With Free iPhone Applications

Hailed as a 21st century homage to technology, the iPhone has not only revolutionized the world of communication, but has also contributed a great deal to making daily life more efficient for its user. The latter can be attributed to the thousands of free iPhone applications at the user’s disposal.

Applications for Your iPod Touch

The iPod touch is yet another one of Apple’s products that focuses on revolutionizing technology. A step up from their regular iPod the iPod touch lets you navigate your device easier and also gives you the option of a variety of iPod touch applications that will enhance your multimedia experience.

Acer Iconia Tab A700 Vs The New iPad: Which Tablet Is Better?

When the Acer A700 and the iPad 3 were announced this year, it’s been quite expected that the two tablets will be pitted against each other as both have full HD display screen and other similar specs.

How to Make Your Visitors Comment on Your Post

Blogging is one of the fastest increasing trends now a day. Every day we can see hundreds of new blogs coming up and finding their way in already tensed blogosphere and most of those bloggers are tech blog which write about blogging, WordPress, and money making strategies. As human has to fight for survival in this world, a new blog also faces similar conditions.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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