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All you need to conveniently control the smart home is the free eNet SMART HOME app. This is available for both iOS
and Android. In today's video I will show you the
whole thing using the iPhone. It is important that the iPhone and the eNet server are in the same network. Now I start the app and it
automatically searches for the eNet server. At this point we are now
prompted to enter the already created user with the name "Max" and his
password. At this point we press:
"Log in with eNet server". The iPhone now downloads the project from the eNet server.

This will take a little while. The app will now show you the four menu areas. These are:
My Home, Rooms, Automation and System. The "My Home" page can be assigned user-specific favorites and scenes. You will see later how this works. In the rooms you will find the
building structure created in the connect with floors and rooms. From here you can switch to the respective rooms and you can see the room information. In our case we can see that the blind is closed in the
living room. In addition, there are automatically created central functions
for light and roller shutters. Once for the entire home – up here –
or for each floor.

If we press the light symbol here
, we can switch on the light in the entire home, or using the example of the ground floor , we can move the blinds centrally here. And here we see the living room as an example.
It contains all the actuators that we created during
commissioning. The individual devices can be operated
directly in the room view. If we tap on the individual devices,
we are in their detailed view and can, for example, dim a
light to an exact value. Here is the example of the ceiling light: At the
moment it is switched off, with one tip I can switch it on completely,
but I can also dim its brightness just as well.

In addition, I
have the wall lamp here, in this case it's just a lamp that can be
switched on and off. If we want to use this function more often
, we simply tap on the star in the top right
and have this device set as a favorite. Now we can go
back to "My Home". There we find the favorites that have now been created
and can quickly access them. Now let's look at the realm of
automation. There you can create scenes, create
time controls and create if-then rules. Several functions can be combined via scenes. This can be, for example, a certain lighting mood or turning off all the lights when you leave the house
. Five predefined scenes have already been created in the app
. Here we create our own scene as an example
: In the "Automation" menu we tap on "Create scene".
For example, our scene is now called "Soccer". We also choose a soccer ball as a symbol
. To adopt the room situation in the living room, we tap on "Add action" and go to "Take over room situation" and select the room "Living room".

"Add action" adds all
devices in the room with their current status
as an action. At the end
we save this scene with "Save". We can use existing scenes. Let's do this using the example of the predefined scene "Away". After tapping the scene, we select "Edit Scene". We now add an action, select "Devices" and "My Home". Now we have the option to turn on or off the lights throughout the house. We select "Turn off lights", tap on "Add actions" and with "Save" we save this scene.

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We can also easily edit our favorites on "My Home" . For now, here's where we see all of our favorites. We can also use the "Edit" button to
switch off those that we don't need at the moment
and accept them with "Done". Now we only see the
two scenes that we just created.
I would like to prove to you that the scenes work now. Here I now activate the "Away" scene, I am asked again whether I
would like to carry out this now and
the lighting in the entire building switches off. When I come home after work
and my favorite soccer club is playing, I naturally call up the "Soccer" scene.

In this case, I call it up and the blinds close
and only one light turns on. Now let's look at the timing.
With this we can have actions executed automatically at a certain time
. For example, the blinds can be raised in the
morning and lowered again by magic in the evening. Now I create a time control. In this example I want all my blinds to open in the morning.

I choose a fixed point in time for this. In my case 8 o'clock. In addition, I have the
option to define the days of the week. Of course I want to sleep in at the
weekend and that's why I deselect Saturday and
Sunday. Via "Add action" I now select the devices
that should be connected to this action. In my case, all the blinds in the
house should go up. I add this via "Add action"
and save the whole thing with "Save". If-then rules allow
specific actions to be taken when an event occurs.

On our
wall transmitter we left the lower rocker free for our customers. We will now assign these to the scenes "Soccer" and "Absent". We now link our wall button with the soccer scene
"Soccer" via "Create rule". That's why we call them that. As a condition, we now choose
our wall transmitter from the living room. In this case "Scene 1" and
add this condition. As an action, of course, our
"Soccer" scene should now also be triggered. we add this and save the whole thing. Remote access must be activated so that the customer can also control their smart home
when they are out and about .
To do this, simply switch to "System" in the app and here you have the
option of activating remote access under "Manage". To do this, the customer only has to create a user account at the address:
my.enet-smarthome.de. With this data, he can then successfully log in here and thus has
access to his smart home from anywhere.

Of course, your
customers always operate the Smart Home fully encrypted. It doesn't
matter whether you use it from home or remotely. The servers
for remote access are all located in Germany. They are therefore subject to the strict German data protection laws I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and setting up the app is now
child's play I would be happy to see you
again soon, have fun until then!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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