How the first VR spacewalk will be filmed

How the first VR spacewalk will be filmed

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Calibrating Decibel Meters in Accordance With UK Noise Regulations

Your sound meter needs to be calibrated before and after use, every single time you use it… You must use an acoustic calibrator that complies with the latest international standards (currently IEC 60942: 2003)

Converting Big Data Into Big Value

Big Data can add exceptional value to your business if organized and utilized in the right manner. Usually, organizations believe that using the sophisticated technology can help them achieve the desired results. But, it is not just the technology; you need to use the right approach and processes to capitalize the information.

BBM Vs. WhatsApp, Which One Is Better

It has been long that everyone was eagerly awaited for the BBM. Now it is finally available for Android and iOS or iPhone users. Even though there are numerous messaging services available but it seems that BBM has a strong competition against WhatsApp. Then let us compare these two and find out which one is better.

How Does a Help Desk Help?

A help desk runs on procedures in clearly defined areas. For example, Knowledge Management, Asset Management, Change Management, Configuration Management, and Statistical Reports. These processes exist as databases in help desk management software.

How to Disable Windows Remote Assistance on Different Versions of Windows OS?

Microsoft Windows, the beloved operating system, is adorned with a long list of features; just one on this list is remote assistance. This is especially of help, when remote tech support technicians demand for the remote access, while offering troubleshooting or issue resolution.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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