Ray-Ban Stories hands-on: Facebook on your face

Ray-Ban Stories hands-on: Facebook on your face

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Built-In Windows Tools Many People Don’t Know About

This article provides a quick-list reference for people who use Windows, but get frustrated when Windows doesn’t act right. Every version of Windows has had little built-in programs that let you manage data and system behavior. With the release of Windows 7 and the upcoming Windows 8, these built-ins are more accessible than ever. Easy to use tools that let you do everything from restore the system to manage drivers to protect from malware: these services are put in place for anyone to use – if they know how.

Fraud Prevention Tips for Online Merchant

With billions of people turning to the internet, E-Commerce has become one of the cornerstone of our daily lives, and is getting popular as a new economic ecosystem for online business. Along with the opportunities, however, comes a greater level of risks.

Samsung Galaxy Chat: A Smartphone for Young Socially Active and Professionals

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the market of Smartphone; whether the product is a high end or a low end phone, it is always successful in appeasing the customers. This time again Samsung is in news for giving a tough competition to its adversaries RIM and Nokia by providing its users with a High-end Chat enabled handset which is supposed to be much like the one close to BlackBerry.

Managing Requirements

What exactly is a requirement, exactly how do you identify all of them, and exactly how should we manage them? The novel, Managing Software Project by Dean Leffingwell and Don Widrig, defines Requirements Administration as follows: A deliberate method of eliciting, organizing, and documenting demands – A process that determines and maintains understanding between your consumer and the challenge team – A “Systematic approach” must be based on a life-cycle. When can a demand or even an concept be a requirement?

Review: Toshiba Satellite M840

There are lots of notebooks coming up in the market responsible for increasing competition among various brands. This has resulted in similar products being mass produced daily. This is the reason why it is not easy to make a choice amongst large number of brands, especially when it comes to notebooks. Recently there has been a buzz in the technology market about the latest notebook Toshiba Satellite M840, let us find out what this product is all about.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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