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Siri Kurzbefehle im HomePilot® Smart Home

Hi, everyone. Today's video is aimed primarily at the Apple users among you, because today it's about Siri Shortcuts. These are now available in the HomePilot and can be used…

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Security & Smart Home Year in Review | Looking forward to 2021

– We have covered some pretty cool things here in 2020 but what are we expecting for 2021? We're going to be talking about both of those things in today's…

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Getting started with HomeKit in 2021 | Building an Apple Smart Home

– If you're looking to start a smart home in the Apple ecosystem using HomeKit, then this is the video for you. In this video today we're gonna be going…

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7 Reasons You NEED Apple HomeKit! Sorry Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

– Hey guys, it's Craig. Are you trying to decide which smart assistant to go with? Are you thinking about switching over to HomeKit? Or are you wondering why someone…

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What is HomeKit? | The basics of building a smart home with Apple’s HomeKit

Today we're gonna be talking about the very basics of home kit what it is and how to get started using it to build your smart home in 2019. What's…

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