Shelly 1L & Home Assistant – Convert your existing Lights into Smart Lights

Are you ready to convert your existing lights
into smart lights in under 10 minutes? If yes, I will show you how you can do that using
one of the latest product from Shelly called Shelly 1L. For those of you who already know
me you guessed it right I will also connect the Shelly 1L to Home Assistant. Coming up. What is up Kiril Peyanski’s here – One of
the best features of the Shelly 1L is that the neutral wire in your lights wiring is
optional. That means the Shelly 1L will work just fine with or without neutral wire. That
also means that you don’t have to change the wiring or to run new cables, you just
have to put the Shelly 1L behind an existing wall switch. The other cool feature is the
overheating protection. This is very important at least for me if you want to know why – check
this video of mine and you will understand the reason behind that. Let’s now see how
the Shelly 1L looks like, then we will do the wiring and finally we will integrate it
with Home Assistant.

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We now know how the Shelly 1L looks like and
what size it is by one very colourful size comparison. It’s time to start wiring the
Shelly 1L with neutral method. Let’s see this. Many light switches are wired with no neutral
wire, which makes them difficult to automate. Shelly 1L handle this problem beautifully
because it can only use the Live line when this is needed. Let’s see how we can wire
Shelly 1L without neutral wire. Shelly 1L supports two switches and this is
the electrical diagram that you have to use if this is what you need. When you successfully wire your Shelly 1L
and turn the power on the Shelly will create its own WiFi network similar to that one . Connect
to that network and then type in a browser to open the Shelly 1L web interface.
You can control the device like that or you can join it to your existing WI-FI using the
Wi-Fi settings. You can also use the Shelly mobile app for the initial setup and control
of the device afterwards.

The Shelly mobile app Is available for iOS and Android devices
in the respective stores for free. It is time for Shelly 1L and Home Assistant
integration are you ready? Let’s go When the integration between Home Assistant
and Shelly 1L is finished you will have a couple of entities. You can use them
in Home Assistant scripts and automations or you could just add them to your Home Assistant Dashboard. Do you have any lights in your home that you
wish to retrofit and make them smart? You can Say simple yes or no in the comments bellow
and I will know for what are you talking about. I personally want to retrofit these lights
in my bedroom. Please just don’t tell me that they are ugly I made this gypsum figure
myself about 9 years ago and this is my crafting hard limit. Hey if you’re new here consider subscribing
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How to wire it with or without neural
wire and how to integrate Home Assistant and Shelly 1L. Stay safe and don’t forget Home Smart, But
Not Hard! Thank you for watching, and I will see you
in the next video..

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