Smart Life App Anleitung 👉 Geräte einrichten, Alexa, Google Home und IFTTT 👏

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hello people this is your simon from
smart simon and i will show you today how you can use the smart life app to control tuya
devices on your i.e. via your smartphone and
first we need the app for this so let’s go to the play store
or in the app store and first search for smart life. Then we have
to download the app and for everyone who wants to know what the app does, although of
course you should know that: The smart life controls devices
that are compatible with Smart Life and these are all devices, or many devices, with a
Tuya chip (or however you pronounce it), so you write the
Tuya together, I think, and that's basically the chip in the devices and now
it's just a matter of how to set up this app specially, so
first we have to create a new account the data is of course how accurate they
always read and agree the country of germany fits my case
and now we just have to send an e-mail a win
the best of course is also the exorbitant and now
smart life is just sending us a verification code on our
entered mail address ie the open now our mail program was stopped on
desktop or wherever you normally call up the e-mails then
we already see a here stra smart life education course registration and
we'll enter this code now so now we have to think of a
password, so to speak, I'll just take
a password here, ok, so smart life would like to use it
, of course we say okay, that would be us, do n't connect our devices the
participation and we should also allow it, for example we get
notifications that the devices are not working or yes, other notifications if you just wait until, for
example, and there are or something like that, you then get a push
message directly to your iphone or android device like that next we want to
are add device to the app for that we just go to add device
then we have to select what kind of device you
want to add in my case it is a socket and with wifi so socket up here
keep it up and now Here are the instructions on
how to reset the device.

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You have to do this on the
device itself m usually the on or off button i.e. to switch the device on
manually how do you have to hold it down for at least five seconds and then it
should flash quickly it’s important that it doesn’t
sound slow but sounds really fast okay then let’s go to the
next step here now we have to enter the password for our very important
2.4 gigahertz wifi because all the thuja chips only support 2.4 gigahertz and
not 5 gigahertz neither in that case i have the wrong wifi here the right wifi is in my case that
normal super great what should appear at any moment right here it is that without zone 5
gigahertz find that in my case that 2.5 more heart network with you it can
also be that the network has the same name then you can just
continue like that there do we have to go back to the app and now just enter our wifi
password so and now our our
switchable sockets will be connected to the wifi and will now t coupled with the app
and as soon as that is finished, it will be displayed here as an
available device, which we can then control
smart life cloud what the name of the device was and in that case it's
just like that i connected my cat fountain to these switchable
sockets and that's why the name sums it up and if i wanted an
unnamed one i could just go on the pen up here and then
i can just enter a new name here i'll just
let that be a tricky thing to save and then we'll say finish
so now we see cats here
brunnbauer is often when i go up the stairs here once then it's switched
on that works so far too fits perfectly so now we want to connect all our
language assistants to smart life so that we can also use the devices on
smart life via alexa or the google system st your ability and i
have alexa on for that we just open the alexa app
and in this alexeyev we have to download a skill first and
the skill is called surprise smart life that means we also go skills and
games search for smarts he doesn't want to move amazing and tap
smart life here then let's say enable for use here now and we
see okay we need to link our account so now we see ok here we need
to enter a phone number or email because we registered it with an email
give we also send an e-mail
and then we have to enter the password that we used when
registering so now
we have to authorize alexa, we thank you here for authorization and so alexa can now
control our smart life devices, in my case the cat reason
what we have to do now is we have to recognize the devices once alexa
points it out between the that means we kl click on recognize devices at the bottom right
if this is not displayed for you then I will link you
in the articles below how you can recognize your devices again with alexa it
is either via a language course or you can click on the devices again
and then device add then they will also be recognized when the whole thing is completed
then we can now have a look here at our devices at all devices whether
we can see our new device here somewhere I should now god mathurin
unfortunately I crowed a few times so I can do that briefly take a while to
find it but here we see everything clearly the cat is buzzing and
if i tap on it then we see everything clearly here the socket out
we so we also recognize that smart life is now transmitting the status of the device
to alexa and if we click on it once we see that
it is then switched on alexa cats no alexa cats floor off ok now it's still there rum how you can control your
smart life devices with google assistant or google chrome for that
you of course open the google again in that case doesn't have the alexa and then
it gets a bit more complicated so you can be lucky and it could be that
connect smart life up here is displayed but if that is not the case
then you have to click on the small symbol at the top left then add device
and then we have to say you have already set up a device below with the
travel times and now we can add devices here and here
we can now search and here it is very important that we enter
smart life here, with spaces, otherwise we will not find the app and
then we will see the smart life here
at the top server also ty bahro
and now we have to register here again with e-mail or telephone number so now we have to authorize google for
that it can also access smart live so now we see the message smart
light is linked below and after a while we see everything is clear here we
have a device in the case of a cat well we can now select it
and then we can add it to a home so if you have several
it will of course be ruled out i assume in that case it was just at home here
and in that case it is in these families or a dining room i don’t
know either i would say it’s a family station that sounds sensible like that and now we can
either use the google assistant or the google chrome app to control our cats’
property or we can alternatively control the
device using the google language assistant ok google cats on of course
i’ll switch on the cats bring on ok google cats have been switched off
of course i turn off the cat fountain so finally to set
up smart life dt the setup is done again as always
in de r app that means we open fdp , by the way, that also works on the desktop in the
browser, maybe here for a short time for people who don't know what it
is, so ftth is the name and that 's a platform that has just made itself the
task of all devices to network the internet of things
so you can as you can see here
you can integrate e-mail services you can your facebook pages 1 are new
facebook profile or calendar you can react to different locations
you can receive notifications on spotify
for example or you can send twitter messages depending on
when something happens, for example if
a new post is added here in the rss feed here , i could post it on
twitter, for example, and the whole thing also works with smart home devices,
you can now so if you connect here, for example, sea and the smart life account
for then you can, for example, if
smart life motion detector a be movement recognizes von lamm eros power strip,
for example, switch on a socket that only loads lights on
or whatever so the platform is actually intended to let devices that
could not normally communicate with each other
communicate with each other let's continue then let's say
matt moore and visit again after smart empty line so now we have smart
life data on it again up here and say connect and we have to log in again who
would have thought it with our smart life account so then we then have to
authorize smart life access to the devices we tap here on authorize
and we have already linked smart life and our ftt account so something else that makes
sense at the end what can we do now with ftp and smart life we
can basically we can use the dangerous
ones that we can create ourselves so really say if this and that in
alexa then makes this u And that in smart life seas
have connected whatever and what we can do, for example, we can
switch on a light if an alexa stretcher starts, we would do it here,
it ’s best to always look for the
target devices here, so where we wanted to switch something on
in my case that would now be smart life that means if i am here at
smart life get more ag then i see him available applets for smart life i.e.
various fdp changes things that someone had already prepared that we can
use and if we look through here a bit then you
can always see from the colors what it is intended for we can see turn
the lights on one alexa alarm down here big if we click on it now
then we can use this applet now first of all we
want to get a nice notification if the thing is active or not,
that means you would get an e-mail every time or in the push
notification be careful if this applet is triggered here
and now we just have to say what should be switched
on now of course I always just have the cats reason eight next phase
but I think four could follow and now I can save the whole thing in
and that was it even if i
ask myself about alexander then in the morning when the alarm goes off
the light is switched on alexa what time is it alex
creator part uci alexa thanks for watching if you liked the video then please give me
a thumbs up and avatar and if you want to see more videos
cfdt or smart life then write them

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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