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Hi, this is Daniel and you are watching DanimatorTV How to series Lets talk about smart home devices Maybe few of you are already using smart home devices and already have an idea on how these things work For those who want to make their home devices smart Then try to watch this video Smart home devices, these are the smart devices that can be controlled in your smartphone inside and outside of your house Those like connected lights, airconditioning systems sound sytems, cctv and security systems But, how are we going to start with smart home? A simple connected is possible without spending huge amount of money and we will explain it to you We can start with smart plug which is easy to install and affordable way to upgrade like lights electric fans and other electronics and appliances in your house you will be able to control like power on and off and monitor the power consumption anytime, anywhere its really simple to install and use the smartplug but selecting which you will need to use and which brand will take a little time for you to decide there are different features and selling point on each brand and we will show it to you in a few moment but still they are all similar in one thing Its connected to the internet and you can control it using your smart phone We will give an scenario on how this device will help you For example You are doing something in your house and then something came up and then you left since you are in a hurry and you forgot that your electronic device is still plugged and you need to come back to unplug it.

What if you have the option to turn it off remotely using your smartphone What you need to do is to open the APP using your smartphone and you can turn that thing off imagine how you can save time and money if your most of your appliances or devices are connected to smartplug and here we will show you on how to setup For us to help you to decide We prepared few different smartplug brand that we already tested for years and of course we will show you the cheapest brand that you can buy in online market place What is smartplug? Let's clarify this If the smart outlet is marketed as or called as a smart switch or smart plug smart plugs are ultimately plugin outlets connected to the internet that you can control remotely This can be plug directly into the wall outlet or into a power source and it has it own slot that you can plug in your appliances or devices that you want to automate Its just like converting your existing outlet to be smart by just connecting it to your wifi network The first thing you need to consider is where are you going to put it make plans in which wall you want to install There are cases like If you are planning to put this in a wall Check if this will fit sometimes there are 2 or 3 outlets in a wall side by side and there is no space and if you are going to plug a smart plug there are chance that you will not be able to use the other outlet because most of smart plugs are bulky Check the specification of the smart plug that you want to buy to check the dimension by then you may decide which one you need to purchase There are also diffrent types of plugs, like US and EU plugs Check this webite to guide you, on the types of plugs and socket that you can buy you can find all the international plugs and socket in this website For those who will ask, which brand should you buy? If you are new to smart plugs any brand will do There are cheap and expensive brands But if you have an existing smart devices like Amazon Echo Show, Google Home, or Siri Then this is the point where you have to think before you buy Most of the smart plug these days can be fully integrated on these smart speaker as an example, take a look at this demo Personally, I have been using smart plugs since 2015 and I am using diffrent brand They differ in features and user interface of each application on which is the easiest to use Every brand has its own app like mydlinkhome app of Dlink ewelink app of Sonoff and kasa app of TPlink For the sake of this demonstration we will be using a sonoff brand and the models are these Sonof S31 and Sonoff Basic

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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