Waste Bottle HACKS for DIY HOME/GARDEN Decor – Magical Craft Ideas | #Recycle #Anaysa #DIYQueen

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Wait..I have bottles to sell why are you selling these beautiful bottles Me and Anku are using Parachute hair oil from so long hence gathered so many empty bottles its beautiful but what can we do with these why don't you try diy like this even I too have so many Parachute bottles and I made DIY Bag with them and yeah Parachute Aloe vera has made my hair silky and smooth as this is made from 100% coconut oil along with 100% pure coconut oil its also contains exotic aloe vera plant extracts it gives it fresh aroma in every single use you made this home decor?? yes I made these with cold drink bottles now lets tell this to our friends too that how we made these diys so hit 75,000 Likes and learn to make these you can organise all your stationery stuffs well in this single bag for this we need lets start with making its base cut all these in equal size gather them all using tape cut card board according to the bottle's base take fabric of length as shown in the video this measurement is according to these four bottles and then cut cut this foam too 1inch small than the fabric paste card board in the centre paste the foam over the fabric paste this extra fabric towards inside for this you need to cut it at the corners so as to make it easy to paste it foam is not looking good so i stitched the same fabric over to hide it now stitch the corners giving the shape of a bag and put these bottles inside this bag decor it with using pom pom lace and the fix a button at last to make this beautiful home decor we need first of all paint these bottles one by one now put fabric glue over the bottles like this and paste the string like this decorate two bottles like this and decorate the rest two differently now make the braid with this string so first double it and then cut into equal parts gather all and make a knot and start making its braid and secure this braid making a know at the end and now tie it on the bottle and on the last bottle making a bow with string decorate it more now make these letters for this we need mix well and this is so soft so as you can give any shape to it here I've given h m and e shape and the colour it brown take some artificial flower paste them on bottles using fabric glue here I've used a big flower in place of letter O now will make these cute hanging flower pots for this you need cut bunny ear shape on bottle paint bottle with red colour and made this bunny face like this and at last make dots all over the bottle like this likewise make more with different decorations

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