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hello and welcome my ladies and gentlemen,
his new post and a new post series on the subject of house building and already read
we are building new what we are building new built complete smarthome we are building new
munich south where we are at home and we take you with us through all the whole construction
phases what we see here now, of course, this is not the shell, this is a different building,
we are now just looking at a piece of land that we are already looking at phase 1 of
the land purchase we are already behind us now we don't say exactly where it is for those
who are totally curious think about the starnberger see i don't say exactly the place and we will
take it with us step by step and i'm really curious how you will perceive it and I'm also
happy because I can offer something like that because we could very much so far you couldn't
do that at all, I'll say so, we sometimes had touch fears also because of you so those
were people who have now built with us from you and we could not show everything now and
with our own where we are now presenting then we take you step by step with what you see
here that is first of all nothing that is just the property so that is already extensive
property and phase 1 property purchase is done now comes phase 2 all the planning, of
course, it will be a real smartphone because we have to know each other and maybe a little
bit who recognizes me from history I got mine back then 2007 2008 one of the first real smart homes
munich district built what we are building now stood 2020 20 21 and we would like to
take with us all those who are now considering whether they are building and who will already
be the builders and so we could see how we do it we are also excited and that is the
starting shot, as it were, the starting shot for the entire construction project you will
understand why we sometimes didn't show a few things when we took things out, showed
animal communication, we showed the heating, showed the ventilation system and then we
showed the control, so what are the possibilities for home servers and can I do all these stories
you will here with this story you will see that too and you will be with it step by step
I don't know yet whether we will There are 50 posts as 100 posts and what is very special,
I can show you that, we have it for you too n shown we have a development here so we have
to look here so the whole thing is back here we have to go very hard into the slope because
at starnberger see you have it around so well i would say here the alps are already there
who knows the region munich south that is quite mountainous at least we are now close
by i don't say whether you are on the east or west side we have to move the slope here
and that is of course very time-consuming and also exciting, i think first look We have
already made a contribution to the development of a hillside plot because you had to emphasize
the splash wall and so that's a very exciting shell construction phase and we will have
that here again, so it could be super exciting and then a very important message to you we
look here very strong from budget so if you have now heard not only south expensive land
the town of frank is now building expensive at all, not at all we look en that we can
create a kind of sample character for you here, so that this is a sample smart home
with equipment that many of you can imagine, say not so and yes, the construction costs,
we see that they really stay within the framework that it is anyway something will be chic and
of course the topic of smart home networking then you can assume that we are already going
into the follow-up so what would still interest me now wanted to see the costs that we now
have for this building project a typical one Construction project in terms of all the equipment
and I also think of a sample construction project where you can then see what the individual
trades cost and then you will also be able to decide clearly planning programming components
what all the individual companies in their areas then where do you end up can you follow
everything as i said i think again i am curious what you write in your comments yes and that
was part 1 of a long series because you will now be there alongside the other video contributions
the visitors have so many thanks for them watch i look forward to the thumb until the
next time

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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