🌷Absolute Top 25 Best Spring DIY Decor Ideas On a Budget!

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Welcome to Designed to the Nines I'm
NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we're meeting welcome to my
channel for today's episode I have compiled a macdaddy episode of all of my
best spring and Easter DIYs so get comfortable… relax and let's get
designing and DIYing 'to the Nines'! I've got five way-cool dirt-cheap Easter
/ Spring DIYs for you this is a new series that I've started where the goal
is to have a very designer looking decor piece that's around ten dollars or less
but has a high-end finish and if you watched last month's episode the very
first project I did was this really awesome love sign with the metallic gold
I just loved this piece it was definitely one of my favorites now at
the time I said to hang on to this because there was a back side and for our
first DIY we are going to be doing happy Easter now you could do happy spring if
you don't celebrate Easter it's totally cool we celebrate Easter in my house so
we are gonna be doing Easter now even though I'm going to be using a Cricut
machine to complete my project for those of you who do not own a Cricut machine I
have not forgot you I've got a printable all ready to go that you can use to
transfer this exact image onto your wood round so whether you have a machine or
not you can do this project now if you stick with me to the very end I'm gonna
promise you three things one you're gonna have a lot of fun or at least I
hope you will along the way number two I'm saving my favorite
project till the end and three all the way through I've got several free things
for you even up to the end so you're gonna want to stay tuned so you don't
miss out on I thing…

So let's get started I start out by painting the back of the
round in a concoction of blue paint that I stirred up myself and didn't end up
liking it so once it dried I painted it in Waverly chalk paint in the color pool
now we're gonna go into Cricut design studio and we're just gonna put in Happy
Easter now the font that I am using is called
nocturnal and you can download that for free at dafont.com and then you can have
it on your computer and then Cricut design studio will pick up that font and
you can use it in there so that's really good so then once we've got our sign
situated how we want we just go in and we get our vinyl ready now I picked up
this gold vinyl and some of you might just decide to cut
the vinyl and call it a day but I really am in love with this
metallic pure gold by folk art I really like the way it looks so I'm not gonna
be using vinyl today and this is removable even though it's like almost
the same color it's kind of funny it's very close but this is just not as warm
the vinyl is not as warm so we're gonna be using this as a stencil but I know
that I'm gonna get comments on why didn't you just go ahead and use the
vinyl well because it doesn't match the gold that's already on there and I
really love the warmth of this this gold and so we're gonna go ahead and just use
that paint today if you don't have a Cricut here's the process take the
printable I provided in the description box below and lay it on your round place
graphite paper underneath and trace the lettering it will transfer onto the wood
then you just hand paint it in the gold color if you are using a vinyl cutter
now it's time to apply your stencil and then we are going to do a layer of the
original blue color over the stencil now this is the same technique I use to
stripe my walls and the reason I do this is when it bleeds it bleeds the original
color and inevitably most things bleed especially if there's any kind of
texture at all so this is just a way to avoid some of the bleeding and once that
blue color is dried we'll go over and do two coats of our gold to just get a
really nice pure gold color and then when that's dried all we need to do is
pull up the vinyl stencil and it is done I am super happy with how this turned
out this Easter sign and if you look at this we've got love we've got Easter so
we've got two for one you can't beat that because now it makes this wood
round cost go in half so originally it costs
six dollars for this wood round and by doing it for two holidays that saves you
a bunch of money dual purpose love it I did blue because it kind of coordinates
with all the other colors that I've got going on but you can really do any
pastel color that you want alright so for my next DIY we're calling
a mini Easter cloche I actually have a couple of different ways that I'm gonna
go about this so you're gonna have a couple of different options here so just
hang with me and I'm gonna explain it all almost all of these items I have
gotten from the Dollar Tree and now I'm not a big Dollar Tree crafter but if I
can make it look pretty darn good then I'll go with that
so here's what I've got planned so I came across these candlesticks at the
Dollar Tree and I thought that they were awesome I loved the way they look
they're pretty beefy for a Dollar Tree candlestick so I snatched up like five
of them and then I got like three and white because I haven't seen these a
whole ton in the stores and so I wanted to make sure I stocked up so hopefully
you can find these in your store you can also find similar stands to this in the
unfinished wood section at Michael's with a 40% off coupon it will still be
extremely affordable maybe a couple of bucks so I've used those ones before as
well so then I found this glass it was curvy
and not super flat on the bottom flipping that over it fits perfectly
into our candlestick and there you have a mini cloche but I'm not going to leave
it alone like that but you could also put it in the bottom down and it also
makes a beautiful hurricane so there's that option as well now making the
cloche there's usually some kind of knob or handle and not always but
usually there's some kind of decorative knob on top well you could go and use a
cabinet hardware pull if you're a perfume lover like myself …

I've kind
of whittled it down to like one favorite perfume that I wear most of the time and
that's Princess by Vera Wang I really love that one usually the perfumes come
with really pretty bottle toppers and so instead of using a cabinet knob this
time I have this left over from one of my perfume bottles so that means it's
free and we're upcycling it from our perfume bottle and I thought we could
just glue this to the top of our cloche like so and how pretty is that
really and it's so high-end looking and you would never tell that these things
are from the Dollar Tree then I went on for a mini bunny at the Dollar Tree as
they have these little kid ceramic painting kits I thought that the bunny
was really cute now we're gonna have to take off the
topper very carefully out of this bunny and you could just leave it white and do
something with it just like this and that would be really cute but I have the
tiniest little bit of cement spray paint left over from a project last fall and I
thought it would be kind of fun to give it a cement look and then we might go
back on top and add in a little bit more white and we'll just have to play around
with it but I thought it would be fun to make our little bunny stone like then
we're gonna just put in a little bed of moss that we got from the Dollar Tree
and we're gonna just put some of that in the bottom of our candle stick and then
we'll set our bunny on top of it we might even add a little greenery and
other things to make it feel a little spring-like maybe a few little flowers
and then we'll put our cloche top on and there you have it now again you
could do this entire process doing it with the bottom down and just the
hurricane and do everything else exactly the same and that would be super cute
I'm actually really surprised at how much I love how this turned out I also
as just kind of a little added bonus I took one of my little Easter nests from
last year's DIY place card holders and just set it on top of another one with a
little bit of extra greenery that I had on hand so that's just kind of a little
side thing this is not the focus of our project our Easter Bunny looks really
legitimately like a cement one now I don't think that that has anything to do
with a cement spray-paint that I used honestly I wouldn't recommend it just
because I feel like to get the real cement look you have to take it through
some extra steps so you'd be just as good as using a gray paint or gray
primer so we're in this one to $3 ish give or take a little bit for supplies
and it is really cute so next time you're thinking of throwing away some of
those empty perfume bottles or beauty products and they have a cool top on it
hang on to it you never know when you might need it so DIY number three we are
doing a moss bunny sign now if you remember this sign from my last month's
way cold dirt cheap episode I did the number 14 for Valentine's Day well
Valentine's Day is over and if you remember I just stuck these on here with
some little glue dots so in theory we should be able to pull these off super
easy and we're gonna use the frame from that project who you do our spring
themed pictures so this is gonna turn out to be very versatile and I have a
feeling that it's gonna reoccur every time I do a "Way Cool, Dirt Cheap" who knows?
I might shake it up here and there you never know but if you missed last
month's way-cool dirt-cheap episode I'm gonna tell you how to prep the wooden
frame which is actually a wooden canvas that I picked up at Walmart for $4.97
and I just flipped it over to the backside where I painted the interior
part white and the exterior frame part black and then I slightly distressed it
last month I used some glue dots to attach my number 14 and they
ended up being way stickier than I thought that they would be so I ended up
having to kind of sand this down and do some touch-up painting just because of
how sticky the glue dots were now I picked up this moss sheet at the Dollar
Tree the kind of hit and miss so if you see these grab them you can find moss
sheets a lot of different places but this one was just a buck and it's
actually the perfect size to fit right inside our frame I've got a printable
for you of a bunny and you're gonna print it out and we're gonna use that as
a template and we're gonna cut out our moss sheet now any time you are working
with Moss you're just bound to make a huge mess so just know that now since
our glue dots were kind of a fail we are going to attach our moss bunny using mounting
putty instead and just attach this temporarily to our sign because you
never know what we're going to use with this little sign next so we don't want
to make it permanent I just think this is so cute so i put a little plaid bow
on our little bunny is so cute so this was five dollars but we've now
used it twice so that drops it down to $2.50 (US) we used a sheet of our dollar tree
moss for a dollar and some extra ribbon that i had on hand so you really can't
beat that we will be able to use this frame over and over and over again just
don't use those glue dots they worked a little too good so next up we are going
to be doing a carrot and pom-pom garland I'm excited about this because if you
remember from couple months ago I made giant pom-poms and put them on pillows I
put them on a throw blanket and I showed you how to make them I bought a set of
these pom-pom makers and in that set there's this little itty bitty pom-pom
maker and I think that this is the perfect project for that I picked up
this green yarn from Michaels and it was on sale I don't remember it was just
couple bucks we probably won't use hardly any of it I
thought it would look really cute with these carrots that you can find at the
Dollar Tree to make the mini pom-poms you take out one side of your little
tool you're going to wrap it back and forth on your
maker until it's almost full in the center and you're going to do it again
on the other side once you have your maker closed then
you're going to take some scissors and snip them until it's like this nice
fuzzy thing then you're going to take another piece of yarn and tie it really
tight in the center then you can pop open your pom pom maker and you have a
mini pom pom I'm gonna be using some of this jute twine that I picked up at the
Dollar Tree just because it's a little bit sturdier than the yarn a little bit
stiffer so I think it will hold the weight of everything a little bit better
and I kind of like that natural rustic feel especially since we're kind of
we're kind of doing a very like farmhouse feel with a lot of these very
springy earthy feeling and then we're gonna just rotate the pom poms and the
carrots I used the excess pom pom string to tie
them onto the twine and cut off the excess to blend in with the rest of the
pom pom I used the twine to tie the carrots on and just as a little added
reinforcement I used a little tiny dot of hot glue on each carrot we have our
adorable carrot and pom pom Garland this was only a couple of bucks and you can
make it as long as you want I am obsessed with it we're gonna go ahead
and put this on our last DIY my favorite the Peter Rabbit sign you're gonna want
to hold on to your seats maybe even keep a towel close by because you're gonna
break a sweat no I'm just kidding this is probably the easiest DIY I almost
can't call it a DIY I've made it so easy on you now if you remember from last
month way cool dirt cheap we made this I love
you sign and it is so cute I have just been loving on this for all month
I'm loving my love sign if you have a 16 by 20 frame lying around your house or
maybe you can find one at a thrift store for really really cheap we're now
reusing this from last month's project so we'll probably reuse this frame
multiple times depending on the season at least that's my plan so just reuse a
sixteen by twenty I don't put the glass in it just because I feel like it looks
more art like or sign like without the glass but you
could totally put the glass in that's just a personal preference thing so this
is how easy I've made this for you what you're gonna do is you're gonna need to
download this adorable print and I provided the link below isn't it so cute
this Peter Rabbit unfortunately this won't meet the criteria for printing it
out as a color engineered print so you will have to print this technically as a
poster and now you can do this at Walmart for $9.86 (US) which get you right
underneath that $10 if you have the frame on hand already print it in a
matte finish you get your print and you put it in the frame and boom you're done
we're gonna take our garland from DIY project number four and just kind of
stream it on to the picture frame and the carrots with the Peter Rabbit with
the orange and the blue it's so springy and so cute and you're welcome for it
being like the easiest DIY ever! I'm just kidding if you're interested in getting
this print the link is in the description box below but for under $10
and you've already got the frame from last month this is a super cute this
would look great in a nursery it would also look really cute for a
baby shower and it's definitely cute for your spring and Easter decor.

I have a
three spring Pottery Barn dupes so let's get started my first dupe is the Aro
vine baskets now they no longer carry this on their website but they were
really cute so this will serve as a dual duty if you like these baskets are going
to show you how to make your own since they no longer carry them but when they
originally did carry em they range between a forty and sixty dollars per
basket I'm going to be attempting to make the larger basket today and
fortunately for me I already had everything on hand you know my husband's
always saying why do you need all this crafting stuff well because right now I
can't go out shopping because we're doing social isolation and so
it's perfect the first thing we're going to do is we're going to take this basket
and this is from the Dollar Tree and so one dollar very affordable and I have
really liked the shape of this this is really great and also the mesh on it
will serve as a really good opportunity for us to attach our grapevine now I
have this leftover from a fall decorative pumpkin projects that I did I
ordered this off of Amazon I believe it was about $7.50 I'll also provide a link
for one of these in the description box below we are going to be using it to
wrap around this basket and as our handle which brings us to our handle now
I didn't think that this grapevine would be quite strong enough in and of itself
I wanted to give it a little bit more substance so necessity is the mother of
invention so what can we do to add support to our basket handle so I went
looking for an old a wire hanger from the dry cleaners and we are going to try
to be making and fashioning some support for a handle with this and we'll combine
it with a grapevine so it will have a nice look but this wire hanger should
hopefully add a little extra stability for our handle so you can actually hold
it by the handle in theory so that's what we're gonna try to do with this so
I start out by untwisting the wire hanger to separate it and then I unbend
it and shape it into a U then I hooked one side onto the basket and twisted it
on now I don't know if this is a good idea or if I should have just waited but
it ended up working out fine in the end I cut a long enough piece of the
grapevine wreath to fit on the hanger and slide the hanger through the middle
of the grapevine and then securely fasten it on to the other side.

I add
extra wire where it connects to the mesh basket to make it really sturdy then I
start wrapping the vine around the mesh basket and once I have it basically in place I
strategically wire it to the basket as I go I remove some of the existing wire
that holds the grapevine together so I can loosen it up and kind of spread it
out a little bit I use the original wire from the grapevine and I cut it into
four pieces I use that to wire it to the basket now that I have it basically how
I like it's time to add a moss so I've got my cordless macdaddy a hot glue gun
surebonder this comes in a mini which I'm going to be using today but I am
loving this glue gun because it's cordless so it the cord doesn't get in
the way of your crafting and then you just put it on the base and it charges
while you're not using it so it is awesome I have so loved that and the
link for that will be below as well next I randomly placed the glue and Moss
sporadically around the basket I cut off a little bit of boxwood that
I had on hand and strategically placed that around the basket now this is not
on the original one so this is totally optional for you but I thought it looked
really cute then I took it outside and I sprayed it
with a couple of coats of hairspray just to make sure that everything stayed in
place a little bit better now I wasn't gonna do the arrangement originally but
I decided to go ahead and do it last minute so it would match the after
pictures a little bit better so I didn't get footage of this process but I
literally just had these daisies on hand and found some extra greenery and I kind
of threw it all together last minute it was easy peasy and to be honest with you
I actually like my version better than the original and their version was $60
and mine was just 11 and would only be around $9 without the flowers so what do
you think of it? so for my next knockoff for spring is a tulip place card holder
Pottery Barn sells a set of four for $30 and we are going to be doing ours for a
tiny fraction of the cost Now, fortunately I'd already purchased
these things because when I see them I'd like to stock up on these tiny little
pots they are so cute you get three for a dollar that makes
them 33 cents each and then I have some tulips leftover from my last episode's
project and I think that they're gonna be perfect for this project and they're
about $0.50 each then we're gonna use again some of our Moss from Dollar Tree
we won't need very much and then I also have some scraps of styrofoam leftover
from my last episode so these are like the bare bottom but you don't need much
because these pots are pretty tiny from my last year's a place card holder i I
just want to yanked them out for this project so that I didn't have to make
new ones and now they're easy I just hot glue them in so if I wanted
to go put them back in it all I'd have to do is glue them back into place that's
all the supplies so let's get putting it together
this project is ridiculously easy to put together you start out with your mini
pot you need a small amount of styrofoam and you place it in the pot so it's nice
and snug then you take two tulips and cut them about an inch below the base of
the leaves then you put two tulips in one side and
then again on the other side then I put some hot glue down on the foam and take
a chunk of moss and fill it in so you can't see any of the foam then I take my
pre-made wire from my last year's place card holders and shove it in the middle
all I did with this was kind of take some wire and make a curly Q and then
straighten it out on the end it's a pretty easy process if you look at it
also another solution for you is to take the bottom section of the tulip it also
has a wire in it that slides right out and you could definitely curl that in
the same manner as the ones that I used and basically have a free version Again, I like mine better than the
original I like the Pinker version of the tulip and I think these are just
really amazing and at only six dollars for a set of four versus thirty it's got
a better price to boot but what do you think my last Pottery Barn knockoff for
spring is Peter Rabbit napkins that I saw over at Pottery Barn the regular
price of these were 40 dollars for a set of four we're gonna be doing ours for
pennies on the dollar so I created this printable right here I found this image
on a royalty-free site so there's no infringement of copyrights or anything
on this and so I've got this for you a provide a link for it in the description
box below and I've gone ahead and printed it on some iron-on image
transfer paper which I actually used in my Easter Bunny pillow recently so I had
some leftover didn't have to go to the store all of the things that I'm working
with I already had on hand so I had some pillow covers that I had cut and not
sewn yet on hand so even though they were a couple of inches small I went
ahead and used them because they were the right kind of fabric if you needed
to purchase fabric I would recommend just using some simple muslin mine were
cut to 18 by 18 inches but once they were sewn down they ended up being
around 16 by 16 just for a point of reference the original finished size I
believe is around 20 by 20 inches i hem the edges on my sewing machine now you
could always use pre-made napkins and I definitely would not judge you but I
find making them myself saves me a ton of money once you have them all sewn or
purchased then we cut out our printable which was printed on the image transfer
paper that I mentioned earlier then you got to peel off the backing
very carefully it's a little bit tricky especially on the butterflies but it's
doable I like to pull mine off using a pin then I warm the center of the bottom
of the fabric for about five to six seconds then I lay down our image right
in the center and then place a sheet of paper over it and iron it for about 40
seconds now I use my Easy press (Cricut) it just makes the job so much easier but you
could definitely use a hot iron as well and just follow the directions on the
package while mine is not an exact match as I typically like I am overall really
happy with the end result here and definitely happy about the huge savings
of $40 versus three dollars but what do think? so what do we do if we have a
little extra time on our hands well if you're like me then I open up my laptop
or turn to my phone and I go to Pinterest and look at all the beautiful
things and then after that I hop on over to YouTube to learn how to make them
right that's why I hope you're here today I've
got three Pinterest inspired DIYs for you so let's get started my first
Pinterest inspired spring DIY I've been seeing all of these cute bunny scapes
on Pinterest I've seen them with a wreath of greenery
around them I've also seen a garden scape kind of look and what's really
great about this if I had everything on hand already I didn't have to buy
anything I had this stone like cement Easter Bunny that I picked up at Ross
last year for $5.99 these are pretty easy to find you can find any kind of
bunny you want then I have this pot left over from my heart topiary tree I made
two and I only ended up making one heart topiary and all I did is I picked up
this pot plastic it's black and I picked it up
from Walmart for like two dollars and ninety-six cents so very affordable and
then what I did is I took a terracotta pot you can see like it's saucer and it
was about a dollar and I took some black chalk paint and painted that and then
glued it on just to give it more of a high-end finished look and so that was
really easy to put together and then these were on my tablescape as well so
the one thing I kind of toyed around with doing it like this and put some
greenery but this is a little tiny bit too small so I don't think I'm gonna do
that direction but what we're going to do instead is we are going to create
kind of like a nest effect by setting around the rim of this and then we'll
kind of build like a garden scape so then I have a whole assortment of
leftover greenery that I had on hand I have a whole assortment of Dollar Tree
white flowers that I used on my Easter table scape last year and then
occasionally you just need like the top parts of flowers right so I have these
leftover greeneries I think that using all of these greeneries together kind of
creates a garden-y effect and normally you would maybe toss some of these
greenery away I've got a paper bag and I'm just going to kind of tear this
apart and crumple it into a ball we're gonna
take that off first we're gonna shove this into the bottom up here just so we
don't have to fill the entire thing with styrofoam because that is wasteful I
have some left over green styrofoam from another project but I'm gonna take my
hot knife because I have it on hand we're gonna cut it down and we're gonna
put it inside here so that this is pretty stiff so this will give us a
solid base for our bunny to sit on top of my husband is walking by all weirdly (laughing)
so funny I think he was trying not to interrupt me I don't know if that's
gonna make the cut or not do you want me to creepy just kidding! he's not.

this hot knife is
actually a very handy little tool it cuts through foam so easily and it's not
very expensive either if you're interested I'll put a link in the
description box below I use it to cut the green styrofoam down until it fits
snugly into the pot it needs to be quite tight to support the weight of the bunny
I fill any gaps with any extra and make sure that those are snug as well then I
take my Dollar Tree wreath and place it on the rim I don't do anything to secure
it because I figure all the greenery will kind of hold it in place but you
definitely could if you wanted to then we start adding in our greenery try to
place it in as you might see it in nature you want to mix the different
type of greenery together kind of inner ring shape I then place the bunny to see
how it looks peekaboo okay so I felt like the bunny
was too far down so we put another square of styrofoam that I picked up
from the Dollar Tree and had on hand already to lift it up a little bit more
so we're just gonna place that here now when I move this around to like where
it's gonna have its final spot I'm gonna take the bunny off because I'm not gonna
permanently attach the bunny here because I may want to reuse him for
something else down the road plus there's a lot of weight on here so now
that he's sitting in here I'm gonna fill in with a little bit more greenery so
basically I raided all my supplies and I'm like what can I use so I can
have to spend any money on this project the different variation in greenery is
really what's going to give it this awesome garden effect now we've got kind
of a good little Foundation going and I thought you can never go wrong with
fairy lights so we're gonna add some fairy lights in before we add a whole
bunch of other stuff because I think that that way it will kind of disguise
it a little bit better sometimes if you turn on the light so it helps you to
place them a little bit this is a good opportunity to make our focal point and
we're gonna put this I think right in here
then I fill in with a few more of my leftover dollar tree flowers now I'm
going to add some Easter eggs and I've also got some carrots and we're going to
just kind of tuck them in and see how they look so we're just going to do a
few finishing touches here my second Pinterest inspired DIY are
these modern tulip arrangements that are arranged in these cylinder vases even
though they're kind of being described as a modern arrangement, what I like about this is
they really could go in many different styles of decor and tulips always are
very springy to me so my microphone wasn't turned on
during the section so we'll be doing a little bit more voiceover you definitely
could do this arrangement with fresh tulips but I decided to do this with
some silk tulips that I ordered off of Amazon that have an amazing and very
realistic look to them they are actually even prettier in person than on camera I
ordered 30 of these in bulk off of Amazon making them less than 50 cents
per stem which I thought was an amazing deal and they have a multitude of colors
so I'll put the link for these in the description box below
I start out by taking a glass vase that I already had on hand now if you want to
use the Dollar Tree cylinder vase you definitely could do this but this one's
a little bit larger and I thought it would work really nicely for this
project I picked up some black smooth stones at the Dollar Tree and I placed a
few of them on the bottom of the vase then I go about arranging my tulips
staggering the heights of the tulips with my tallest being in the center now
you can arrange this however you like but this is just the approach that I
took once I get them basically arranged how I
like them then I'm going to mix my fake water kit
I mix the whole kit and ended up not needing all of it and so I wasted a lot
of it because once you've mixed it it's gonna dry hard so you can't really reuse
it so if you're going to be using a Dollar Tree vase for example you
definitely need much less so you can just make sure when you mix those that
you do equal parts and save the rest for another project so for a Dollar Tree one
I think you'd probably need about a half of this size package you will mix the
water kit for about three to five minutes making sure to follow the
directions on the package now when you pour this into the vase you
want to avoid the side so aim for the center once you have your fake water in
you can carefully replace your tulips back into their spot and you can move
them around a little bit but you want to try and avoid moving them too much
otherwise you might get some of the epoxy on the side of the vase and that's
not a good idea then you can just set your arrangement whatever you like it
and let it harden.

I want to briefly tell you about antique
candle companies new fragrances that they sent me to which are country pear
and mango citrus both of them smell absolutely amazing and mango citrus
might be one of my favorites of all time and it's a brand new scent if you're
interested in purchasing these absolutely amazing smelling candles I'll
put a link in the description box below so for my last Pinterest inspired spring
DIY we are gonna be making some Easter bunny tags that you've been seeing all
over I'm sure you've seen these type of tags all over Pinterest and I just I
like them I thought they were cute and so this is a very inexpensive project
now I got most of my supplies at the Dollar Tree and you know me I'm not a
big Dollar Tree DIY er unless I really think that I can get a good look out of
it now you can find these chalkboards at almost all dollar trees they're pretty
readily available obviously that's going to vary from store to store but I've
seen these in multiple stores and they generally have them on hand I thought
that they were a good size they were lightweight I figured that we could cut
through these without too much trouble you know if you're not big into
celebrating Easter you don't celebrate it that's ok because you can actually
switch this out really easy by writing spring and doing like a daisy flower on
it so it's really flexible you can get a spring look with this and that's the
purpose of this episode is to show you how you can get your inspiration from
Pinterest and make it kind of your own and what's also awesome is you could
make em reversible if you wanted to so i marked where I wanted to make my cuts
including where I wanted my hole to go as well then I simply used my miter saw
to make the cuts now if you don't have a miter saw you could use a handsaw this
is just quicker for me and so I'd like to use it you know my motto
girls can use power tools too then I took my half inch drill bit and drilled
a hole I made sure to put a piece of wood underneath it to protect my bit and
the table that I use I designed a printable which I will put the link for
in the description box below that says Easter in two different fonts and also a
little bunny I use some transfer paper to get the
image transferred on to our boards but I'd almost suggest you use the chalk
method because of the blackboard it did work out but you want to make sure you
have pretty bright room if you're going to do it this way then I simply take
some white craft paint and I use some inexpensive brushes from the Dollar Tree
now I don't know if I'd recommend these but they did get the job done after they
were dried i distress them as much as I could they didn't distress as well as I
would have liked but it is what it is after they were distressed I used some
rope that I picked up at the Dollar Tree and kind of did a slip knot on it and
then tied a knot at the top so that they would hang like tags now if I were to
redo this project in the future I probably would just use unfinished
lumber especially since I ended up not needing to use my miter saw anyway
because I think I would have gotten more of the look that I'm going for so stay
tuned for that plus I think it might be a little cheaper this way especially if
I use it my scrap wood that I have on hand that being said I did think these
turned out rather cute I hope you're enjoying what you've seen
so far I've got a lot more coming so you stick with me I'm NataLee and I'm a glutton for punishment.

I'm going
to be doing a thrift flip and I'm starting out by continuing at my endless
mission to find a good thrift store I have had the worst luck have you been following
my channel but my friend Lisa clued me in that I have a little bit of
luck at a thrift store that I didn't know about that was actually really
close to my home wouldn't that be funny if all this time the best thrift store
was really close to my house and I totally overlooked it I have something
in mind we'll see if I can make it happen
so we're almost there wish me luck we have success! I'm so excited this is
probably one of the best thrift stores I've seen and since moving to Orlando
and I haven't even finished shopping here so I'm excited! do you see the smile
on my face this is the smile of success who knew this thrift store is literally
just a few minutes from my house I didn't know it existed and as you can
see I've got some stuff in the back I'm pretty excited about now I'm not gonna
be making over all of these items on this episode so you'll have to stay
tuned for those coming up but I'm gonna be doing something with those lamps so I
looked at this base of this lamp and I actually saw a lamp post it looks just
like one it's like a column you could technically leave at this color…

We're not,
so I thought it would be fun to do an outdoor street lamp on a smaller scale
I had another episode if you haven't seen it yet you'll definitely want to
check it out after you check out all the other amazing goodness I did a DIY lamp
post for Christmas and it was looked like a big tall one we are gonna convert
this into a solar-powered lamp there's a lot of options with this project so
let's get making over the lamps if you like this kind of project let me know in
the comment section below because I have a lot of lamp post ideas for some reason
I'm on that kind of kick the first thing we're gonna do is we need to take this
lamp apart I've got to stand up I'm kind of short okay so we'll take out the lamp
shade and then obviously we got to take out the light bulb it's not plugged into
the wall and that's just how we want it how many people does it take to unscrew
a light bulb? you gotta be careful you don't want to break these kind of
because they can cause a lot of problems but supposedly environmentally friendly
so just as long as they don't break so then we got to take off this harp so I then just untwist the light socket
until it's undone and then I decided to just cut the
wiring and pull it out the bottom leaving just the base of the lamp this
includes the felt liner on the bottom of the lamp Hat? I don't think so…

Now I'm
all about repurposing and reusing but unless you guys can tell me a good
reason to hang on to this lampshade I think I'm gonna chuck it because I don't
even like the shape so it would have to be a pretty creative idea so if you've
got one let me know below so I've kind of gone back and forth back and forth
and back and forth on this and I still haven't made a decision but there's
already texture on the lamp so I have a flat black matte spray paint but I
thought it might look cool to add a little more texture so I also have a
hammered black so hopefully I make the right call here I'm gonna start with a
flat black because I figure it will be kind of like a primer and if I'm not
happy with it then I'm gonna resort to this one and these are both by krylon
so we're just gonna start the spray painting these now if you're not lucky
enough to find a column lamp base go ahead and substitute it out
aren't these already looking so much like lamp posts now I ended up going with
the matte black and it's actually not very matte in my opinion I definitely
would put it in this satin to semi but I really did love this spray paint because
it coated extremely well and I could turn it in different angles and the
spray paint still came out so I really liked it I didn't end up going with a
hammered finish because I felt like the lamp had enough texture after all so we
are gonna really take it to the next level on the street lamp look I scoured
high and low looked in my local home improvement stores and finally ended up
on Amazon where I found a 2-pack of a solar-powered
lamppost light right here and I'll put the link for this in the
description box below but I thought these were perfect so they don't require
any electrical wiring which I love but will still light up as long as they are
charged by the Sun which in Florida here we have a ton of that so we're okay now
it comes with this square and my lamps round and so that looks to me a little
funny fortunately the bottom part does pop off
and so we can get rid of this the problem is is when I get rid of this it
makes it a little bit wobbly on here so my thought is I will take a little
hacksaw and try to cut this off because this part does fit nicely onto our
existing dowel and it will be nice and snug so I'm going to try cutting that
off but if it doesn't work we'll brainstorm some ideas so I'm just gonna
try this is my $1 dollar tree hacksaw and this is just plastic so I really
think that we can cut through this success so we can push that back into
here line it up push it in okay which is perfect so now it will fit on this
really well look how cute that is I have some liquid nails just a little bit left
I thought I had part of this so hopefully there's a little bit in there
just so it's a nice permanent fix and that's it for the lamp post part other
than charging up our lanterns outside of a Sun now these could look really cute
on a dining table or just somewhere in your outdoor decor but I thought we
could bring up this spring and summer vibe just a little bit more so meet me
outside I'm going to show you what I've got in mind and it's gonna even add just
a little bit extra because of all the beautiful weather I'm
getting the bug to kind of spruce up my pool area here it really does need a
makeover and I do want to do that pretty soon so one of my ideas was as I picked
up this pot from Walmart for about five or six dollars and then I got this one
at Dollar Tree for one dollar and I spray-painted this in the same black as
I spray-painted the lamppost at the same time and I thought we could take some
liquid nails and glue these together to make a kind of urn style one except for
a huge discount because this is five dollars this is a dollar so it worked at
like six or seven dollars into this whereas you could easily spend on an urn
this size $30 without batting an eye so this is a huge savings so I thought I'd start out by putting
some sand into each one of the bottoms not a whole lot but just to add a little
weight it will also help with drainage and then I'm going to put some potting
soil on top of that it kind of looks like brown sugar okay so my plan is to put our lamps
right in the center of this and to give it a little added support I have these
little dowels left over it's just to help it from not toppling over it's not
really I'm not going to attach it to it I'm just gonna stick it down in the
center so the lamp doesn't want to move around and topple so for a little spring
flare I've got some greenery and some violets I think they're technically
called violas but I've called them violets my whole life because they were
my grandma Ruth's favorite flower because her middle name was violet and
so these totally remind me of my grandma Ruth I've talked about her on this
channel before she obviously had a big impact on my life and so I'm gonna plant
these in here it's gonna be a little snug fit but I think that that's okay
and we will just kind of Nestle those down I actually might pull this out
plant them towards the edge and then put that back down in there but then it will
give it that kind of spring and summer feel that we're going for now I picked this up at Walmart for I
think this is $2.50 and the violets were $1.12 so very affordable so we've kind of planted this around the
edge and it looks so pretty I love it now we're gonna take our lamp posts and
very carefully moving the vines out of the way and any flowers out of the way
place this into its spot all right I'm gonna water
these even though I works in a plural shop that had a nursery in it for a
couple years during college I tend to kill things in pots so if you all would
just take a second to say a prayer that I don't kill these amen
I'd appreciate it so just for the solar-powered lamppost I
ended up spending about $30 a piece adding in the potted urns and the
flowers was approximately another $15 each but for the impact that this gives
I think this is a crazy good steal I'm totally in love with these slightly
obsessed and I am so looking forward to making over my patio and pool decks in
the coming months to go with these lovely little ladies so what are you thinking of this episode
so far stick with me I've got way more designs
coming up I have this heavyweight canvas pillow cover that we are going to alter
I've had this for a while but I also found some inexpensive ones that you
could also use off of Amazon and I'll put the link for that below and it has a
zipper it's a little bit lighter weight than this one so I may try to find a
heavier duty alternative on Amazon as well just so you have that as an option
you could make a pillow cover from canvas or drop cloth and that would work
really great as well and what we're going to do is we're going to start out
by folding it in half so we can find Center this is a little trick that I
always use to always find Center and then we're going to take a straight pin
and we're gonna pin it just to mark we're actually not gonna leave the pins
in it's just so we know where our Center is and Ike mark both the top and the
bottom now we're gonna take some painters tape because we are actually
going to paint some stripes on this pillow and we're going to line it up and
try to find Center of the painters tape with the center of the pillow and tape
from top to bottom and you might want to do the back side as well I'm going to
but you don't have to it that's optional to you but I think the idea of the
stripe going all the way around makes sense so we're gonna tape that off so
I'm going to be using some chalk paint to paint on this pillow and I debated
back and forth between Waverly celery and Waverly Moss both of them are very
beautiful muted green ones a little bit lighter and one's a little bit darker
and ultimately I think I'm going to go with the moss just so that it's a little
higher contrast I don't know I really kind of like the celery so we'll see
what happens in the end but I think I'm gonna go with the moss but you could
pick whatever color matches your decor I thought about doing like a navy blue I
thought about doing several other colors I think Green often acts as a neutral so
it can go into a lot of different types of decor so that's why I am selecting
the green so I hope you can follow me along on this
process I start out by taking some regular blue painters tape and making a
stripe right down the center of the cover making sure I go on both sides all
the way around then I take some washi tape and tape on either side of that
Center blue painters tape then I do a second stripe of washi tape right next
to the first one unfortunately the washi tape didn't really want to stick to my
canvas pillow cover but that's what I had on hand and I knew that I could
still make it work I just need to be a little bit more careful and while we're
talking about the pillow cover I totally should have ironed it beforehand that
was a mistake on my end but I it still ended up working out fine in the end but
I probably should have ironed that now that we have the tape on either side of
the original blue painters tape in the center we can remove the center piece
and move it to the outside of the washi tape I hope this is making sense if you
watch what I'm doing I'm hoping that that will help you what we're trying to
do here is create a French stripe then we remove the second stripe that is just
next to where we just placed the painters tape then we can take that
piece and move it onto the opposite side and repeat the process until we have one
wide a stripe in the center and two smaller stripes on either side then try
to push down the tape as firmly to the fabric as you can get it again my washi
tape really didn't want to stick so I had to be strategic about how I went
about painting it but now it's time to paint and I ended up going with them
Waverly Moss chalk paint color I started by painting straight down or away from
the edges of the painter tape not towards it once you get one side all painted then
you're gonna allow that to dry and then flip it over and repeat the process and
between this I just take the aluminum foil that I had my paint on and wrap it
around my brush to keep it wet for the short time that it took to dry this
worked out fine for me once it's dried and you can remove the painters tape and
you will end up with this while this is drying we're gonna work on the next
layer of this pillow so I wanted to create a layered look so I'm gonna be
doing this next layer with a vinyl iron-on adhesive with my Cricut machine
if you don't have a Cricut machine don't worry I've got you covered in the next
step I'll let you know how we're gonna overcome this step for you
I just like the idea of layering it and I think that the vinyl will be a little
easier for me in the long run so I went into Cricut design studio and I designed
my lettering and it says happy Easter in French and then another French saying I
don't know what it means but it's an Easter saying and if you know how to
speak French then hopefully you can interpret it for the rest of us but I
can't even pronounce it…

I'm not even gonna try so we're just gonna go ahead
and cut it on my Cricut explore air 2- and I am just using grey vinyl if you do
have a Cricut machine I'm gonna provide a link to the file that's already ready
to go in the description box below and you can click on that and just go ahead
and hit make it don't have to redo anything once you get your vinyl cut go
ahead and weed it I don't know why but I really love doing this if you don't have
a vinyl cutting machine here's how you're gonna do the lettering I provided
a printable here that you can just print out and then I would take a piece of
graphite paper like so and put it behind and then you'll lay it on your pillow
and then trace it out and then the image will be on your pillow kind of in a
pencil format and then I would take a gray paint pen or even just some craft
paint and hand paint it on your pillow and just add to the layering that way so
you can definitely get this look without having a vinyl cutter
that's how you're gonna do it now we need a cute little Easter Bunny to kind
of complete the look and I purchased this Jolee's boutique transfer sheets it
comes with some for light fabric and some for dark fabric since we're using
canvas I've decided to go with the light fabric one and all you're going to do is
I have a free printable and I'll put the link for this as well as the printable
in the description box below and I've got this cute little guy…isn't he
so cute? anyway so you're gonna just print this out on the transfer paper
then you're gonna want to cut out your bunny and once you're done cutting out your
bunny in as much detail as possible now it's time to add the fun stuff but a
couple things I've learned I think that if I were to do this again I would have
gone with a lighter I do like this but I think that the lighter one would have
worked a little bit better now we're going to attach our vinyl and our
printable bunny this is where it gets really exciting okay so we've got our
vinyl we gotta wait a few more seconds for our easy press to finish warming up
now if you don't have an easy press you can easily just use hot iron and it
sounds like our easy press is ready to go so what we're gonna do is we're gonna
warm up our surface for 15 seconds before we apply it so we're gonna just
kind of press down 15 seconds to make sure your paint is really dry at this
point I think it will be okay okay so that's been 15 seconds we're gonna take
our iron-on and line it up i I'm just eyeballing it to be honest with you so
this is nice and hot you can see the steam coming off of it I don't know if
that's good or not so after warming it up you're going to press it at 340
degrees for 40 seconds allowing it to cool mostly but not all the way before
removing the clear protective layer next we're gonna pull off the backing of
the bunny being very careful to not stretch it out on the edges then we're
going to cover it all up just so it doesn't stick to anything I'm sure it's
probably fine and then we're going to repeat the same process as we did for
the lettering I am so happy with how our cute little
Easter Bunny pillow turned out we are going to be making a pink peony wreath
and I am making this peony wreath based on my love for peonies and I've had
people correct me and say it's peonies and so I think it just depends on where
you live or where you're from so some may say peony and some may say
peony whether you say peony or peony then this tutorials for you last spring
I made a pink peony arrangement you can kind of see it right back here even
though I've added a few extra flowers since then it was one of my favorite
projects last year and you guys enjoyed it too so I thought that for this spring
we would do a pink peony wreath and as you can see I've got quite an assortment
and I'm going to kind of go over this in just a second this is just a grapevine
wreath that I had on hand from another wreath that I kind of just took apart
and I'm going to be reusing you can pick them up for about 3 or 4 bucks you can
find them pretty much anywhere what I wanted to do is have kind of an
assortment of color and size within the pink peony range
I found this Bush a pink peonies at Michaels and it was 50% off and I think
that made it about six dollars for the bunch or around there and it's this
really light pastel pink which is really beautiful but I wanted a little hint of
like bubblegum and hot pink in it so I also picked these up at Walmart
something fell somewhere story of my life so back to what I was saying
I found these bubblegum and hot pink peonies and I thought they were really
pretty at Walmart and there are $3 a stem and you get the big one with a
littler one on the stem and I thought that could bring out some nice dimension
through using different colors and then also at Michaels I got this little bunch
now this one's kind of a little bit more expensive so this would be optional for
you and this is $14.99 I got it 50% off so it was $7.50 for this
small bunch but I liked that this bunch was smaller and that will add a little
bit of the size variation within our wreath which I think will look really
interesting and it was kind of in the middle of these two so it's definitely
not as light as this one but more in like that true bubblegum pink and we'll
probably use some of the leaves off of the stems as well for the peonies but I
also picked up this variegated stem at Michaels
and I just thought this really had a spring flare to it
I love variegated greenery and I thought this would be a nice touch on our wreath
let's get started if you haven't already discovered the surebonder glue guns I
highly recommend them they are just so awesome they're cordless so that makes
them easy to work with and then I also pair them with gorrilla hot glue which
is awesome and it just works so well they are not sponsoring this post but I
have put an affiliate link in their description box below if you're
interested in learning more about them I used the mini size but I also own the
standard size so depending on the size of your project you can adjust
accordingly so we just start out by placing our peonies on the wreath for
the most part I try to use a couple of inches of the wire stem that way I can
push it down into the grapevine wreath and put a little dab of hot glue on each
stem so that they kind of stay in place if you're doing this for outdoors you
really want to do this step if you're doing it indoors you don't need to
because it's not going to be moved around if you're doing it outdoors
you're kind of opening and closing the door and you want it to stick into place
to give it more interest I try mixing up the sizes and the colors and the
direction that I put the peonies in at so some I'll put in at one direction and
then I'll place it on a different angle going in another direction and this just
will give it more interest and also we want to kind of spread out some of those
colors so if we've got some of the hot pinks you want to put them in different
locations and kind of spread it out throughout the wreath this is pretty
much the same with the greenery as well since we got two
different types of peonies there were two colors of peony leaves so we try to
break those up and of course we also add in our variegated greenery which I just
absolutely love what that brings to this wreath when it was all said and done I
had a couple of holes so I had to take a quick trip to Michael's and they were
out of single stem peonies and I'm guessing it was because they were having
a buy one get two free sale which is awesome
but I did find some pink cabbage roses that pretty much look identical to the
peonies so I got those and added them in and you really can't tell the difference
at all when it's all said and done I'm totally
obsessed with this wreath I cannot stop staring at it
screams spring to me and I am really looking forward to having it as a part
of my spring decor now that we have a gorgeous pink peony
wreath I thought it would be fun to make a wreath stand now I might put my wreath
out on my front door I haven't decided yet
but I wanted the option to display some wreaths indoors sometimes you just want
to store your wreath inside where you can admire it all day and this may be
one of those times because I really like how our wreath turned out so I decided
that I needed a stand to display my wreath on and we are going to do this in
very inexpensively and I'm going to be using stuff that I had on hand leftover
from other projects and then I picked up a couple of very inexpensive things
first I was able to find this spindle and it's an outdoor spindle for an
outdoor deck and sometimes those can be pretty rough but this is actually not
rough at all really so this is a dollar 98 and I picked it up at Lowe's it's a
little too long so we're going to cut it down now I'm gonna be using my miter saw
just because it's quicker it gives a really nice cut and I have it on hand
but before I bought my electric saw I used to do everything with a miter box
similar to this so if you don't have a miter saw
you can totally pick one of these up I'll provide a link below in my
description box but I got this off of Amazon for $12 it comes in really handy
especially for things like this you will get a little bit of an arm workout but
can't go wrong with that it can get a lot of these type of projects done very
inexpensively so let's go build our stand right on cue my safety glasses
went missing but we still need to protect our eyes
so I'm looking stylish in my sunglasses and this will get the job done we've got
our spindle that was a dollar ninety eight such a steal and I've got my hook
which wasn't that great of a deal at $2.98 I felt like I could have gotten better
but when you need something you need something so I spent the two dollars and
ninety eight cents but look around you probably can find a better deal on their
hook than that so we're gonna set it right at the base here and then I'm
gonna make a mark right at the top here and that's where we're gonna cut and you can see that that made a really
nice cut we're gonna hang on to this because you never know what you're gonna
need it for and then we're going to cut off three inches from the bottom just so
we have at the right size now we want to build a base so this is
going to be the bottom part and then I have a whole assortment of scrap pieces
of wood that we're going to use to kind of assemble this this is why I hang on
to scraps that are about this size because you can use them for little
things like this my original plan was to use a Dollar Tree sign that I had on
hand but I decided that this was going to be a kind of a pain to deal with
especially when we're going to be painting I thought it would possibly
peel back a little bit easier and it didn't and I just don't want to mess
around with it especially since I remembered that I had this scrap piece
of wood and so I'm just going to go ahead and use this instead and I think
that we can get the exact same look without having to mess with it and with
the added benefit of it being much heavier you can see that I've actually
marked where all the centers are and all we're going to do is take our drill and
pre-drill make sure it's all lined up because this is going to be the bottom
and I don't want it to wobble I'm going to just take my countersinking bit and
countersink this so that way the head of the screw will
go in all the way and then it won't wobble with my wood pieces in a pyramid
shape and pre-drilled holes I take a three inch screw and screw it all the
way through all of the pieces and drive it right into the bottom of the spindle
for added support I put in a couple of finishing nails but you really don't
have to do this part just make sure the screw is really tight originally I do
the same process for the top pieces but this time only using two smaller pieces
because I originally planned on using a leftover finial from a broken curtain
rod and I was just going to glue that on top with some e6000 but then I decided
it was just a little bit too big and I found the most beautiful knob with
rhinestones at Hobby Lobby and since the knob already had a screw in it I put in
a couple of finishing nails on top and then took the new knob and screwed it
down into the original hole and then of course I attached the hook that we will
use to hang the wreath on and to finish it all out I taped off the knob to
protect the rhinestones and I spray the whole thing with two coats of rustoleum's oil rubbed bronze spray paint I am obsessed with my peony wreath I'm
also obsessed with my DIY wreath stand so cute I mean a $2.00 spindle and scrap
wood so this was a pretty simple project to put together the wreath is beautiful
the peonies are beautiful so what do you think so far
are you liking this let me know in the comments section below the most
beautiful pink peony arrangement it was so pretty
and I looked at the price tag and it was three hundred and sixty nine dollars you
heard that right three hundred and sixty nine dollars it was so expensive and I
just know that I would never personally pay that because well I can make it
myself and I want to teach you how to do it to
save yourself a little bit of money so what I liked about the arrangement was
the beautiful vase that it was in it had a beautiful crystal vase with like a
little stem on the bottom and then it had these beautiful pink peonies I love
peonies there's some of my favorite flowers peonies and hydrangeas are two
of my favorite flowers I just love them I love the way they look they're so
romantic but at $369 I was like we can get that
look for Less so I thought that this would be a perfect dupe especially with
Mother's Day right at our front door this would be an amazing Mother's Day
gift or even for your own home decor it's beautiful pink peonies are amazing
so I'm gonna put all of my supplies in the description box below everything
that I use will be there so you don't need to worry about that now I had this
vase on hand I really lucked out I had found it at a goodwill a couple of years
ago I paid about $2 for it so it was super cheap and I had on hand and it was
about the right size and had a similar design on
so for me this is perfect so go into a good will or your thrift store you'll
find tons and tons of vases there it can be hit and miss then I got this
candlestick from the dollar store and I did this already because I wanted it to
be really set up for this video is I took some e6000 glued the candlestick to
the bottom of the vase and now we have a very similar style vase to the one from
Pottery Barn and what I've done I bought two bunches of pink peonies off
of Amazon and they were $18.99 for both of them which is really good price because
they were pretty full-sized bunches and the quality of the pink peony was super
high it was really really high beautiful peonies
but then I knew I needed a little bit hot pink because if you look at the
original inspiration piece there's a couple of more intense hot pink peonies
in that arrangement and what made it nice is that there was a great big
mixture so I went over to Michael's and I got these and they were having a 60%
off sale so they're originally $5 apiece and this was 60% off making them $2 a
piece of that is a really good price all we're gonna do is it's just a mounded
arrangement so I've taken my wire cutters and pre-cut all of the bushes
apart and shortened all the stems of the ones that we're going to be using and we
are just gonna place them in and just create a nice mound now what you're gonna
want to do is you're going to want to make sure that you do some variation of
height just very subtly because what makes a really nice design Mound is when
there's like a variation of heights so you just want to make sure you spin
around and make sure it looks good on all sides so we'll just make some
adjustments here and if one's too long then just take it out and clip off just
a little bit at a time and that way you don't overdo it
what I like is that I have some of these little tight buds mixed with some that
are kind of medium and some that are fully blown just like you would with a
real peony I am so excited about this so you want to disperse all the colors
and the texture so you can see that there's varying heights of the peony as
some are poking out a little bit more than others some are tucked in a little
bit more than others and that gives it just kind of a more natural fun look
so overall I'm really happy with all this turned out…

pexels photo 5691597

Now that we've got it
arranged the way we like it what we're going to do is we're going to
lift this out and put it in another vase or pitcher or something that can kind of
hold the shape while we work on the fake water okay so all we're gonna do is I'm
gonna sacrifice this I got this at the dollar store if you have a plastic cup
that will work as well so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna use this entire
amount of water what you're gonna want to do is mix equal parts and they say on
the package to kind of do it down the side so it helps with the air bubbles
when you do it this pour it in this way we want to get all of it the contents in
and it has to be equal otherwise the curing time will take longer might
create more air bubbles so while we mix this for three minutes I was just
wondering if there are any other things you would like me to dupe about there any
designer items you would love to see me do if so let me
know in the comments section below I'm always looking for ideas of things that
I can dupe for you guys it's time to pour into our base now as we pour it into our
vase we want to be very careful to avoid the sides the vase because if so we'll
get on the side so we're going to aim for the center also you want to make
sure that it's clean and free of any water or dust or anything because
anything that's in there will be in there for good so we're going to pour
our fake water in very very carefully right in the center so now I've tried
this with an epoxy before and it just takes so much epoxy and it's just not as
pretty so you really want to do stick with a water kit
now we're gonna very carefully gather our bouquet out of the temporary
container and we're gonna gently set it in and make sure all the stems are
inside the vase and then just very carefully set it into place now it is a
little bit a little bit forgiving so if everything doesn't pop right back into
place we're just going to make a couple of modifications before it sets up
because it actually takes about 8 to 10 hours to cure so we've got a little bit
of wiggle room you don't want to move it too much you know just because you can
make a mess out of it but you know pushing things in or just making small
adjustments that's quite all right so I am really excited with how this is
looking overall this is less than thirty-six dollars I am so excited about this because every
holiday season I think everybody goes online and looks for ideas and kind of
to see what sounds good and what looks good to them and I kept seeing a common
theme of these bunny dishes they are so cute I found a couple of sets one from
Pottery Barn and one from Williams Sonoma that I loved…

I loved both of
them I thought they were adorable and then I looked at the price and I was
like hold up! how much? and it was between 50 and 60 dollars for a set of four
plates and I was like no no no no especially when I need like a set of
eight to set my table I'm going to show you how to do it for less than ten
percent about five dollars for a set up four plates and you're gonna have made
them yourself soon you'll be so proud of them and they're gonna be cute and we're
gonna do this so let's get started here's how we're gonna go about it I'm
gonna give you it like a general idea and then we're gonna start so I've got
these clear plates that I got at the Dollar Tree and then I have a set of
four royalty-free hand painted bunnies that I printed out
on my printer we're just gonna start by cutting them out
and then we're gonna decoupage them on and then we're gonna paint some cool

Now I don't know if you can see in the background there but this is my
Pottery Barn version and this is my Williams Sonoma version
they're so cute what we're gonna want to do very first well let's move our cute
little bunnies out of the way for just a second because what we're gonna do is
we're gonna take our plates and we're gonna peel off the sticker
and then it came off pretty good but there's a little tiny bit of debris and
just avoid debris and fingerprints and all that we want it to be very clean so
I just have a cotton pad and some rubbing alcohol and we are going to just
clean the back of it that dries very quickly now that our inspiration piece
there's a kind of a brown banding around the edge very subtle detail we've got a
paint pen here from craftsmart I couldn't find that color name on it
we're gonna use this for the edge banding here this is the first thing we
need to do is it do the edging because we can't have it mixed with anything
else so you just gonna go around edge
I see that it has a lip and we're just very carefully moving the plate..
not the marker and it's okay if it's a little imperfect
but we're trying to try to get it even as possible we're gonna let this dry it
doesn't take very long at all and while we're letting it dry we're gonna cut out
our bunnies I love these bunnies these are so cute
stay tuned to the end and I'll tell you where you can where I got these ones but
honestly you can go and find whatever bunny you want I've got my to be like
uber perfect so we have our I am so in love now this is dry now we can
decoupage our bunny on…

Which one should we do? this is very important you need to get
dishwasher safe Mod Podge if you don't then they're not going to be washable if
you want to wash them you've got to use the dishwasher safe Mod Podge so make
sure that you get that we are gonna put some Mod Podge on the front of our
rabbit I'm not the don't stick but not like globby
at all before it dries very carefully because you don't want to rip the paper
that's already wet we're gonna bring our plate over and we are gonna try to
Center it or just place it where you want where you think so he touches the
bottom and then his face will show so we're gonna start at the bottom and we
gotta be careful around where it bends just so that it doesn't crease you just
kind of work with it and work out any kinks and if a little bit hangs off the
edge of the plate that's okay because we'll just trim that up later more or
more trying to get this to lay nicely totally adorable but we're gonna leave
it upside down to dry and then once it's dry we'll give it like an hour or two
we'll come and put another coat of Mod Podge on the back end before we start
applying any paint okay so our Mod Podge has dried look how cute these are now we
need to do a coat on the backside so we put it on the front side now we're gonna
put it on the back side and what we're gonna do in this case I am just gonna go
just outside the cutout and make sure that the cutout itself is covered
thoroughly and then we're gonna let it dry for another hour or so so this is
going to take a little bit of time but it's gonna be so worth it this is where
it gets all kinds of crazy all kinds of fun all kinds of messy if you have a manicure it's
toast! but you'll earn after you do this and you feel good about cuz all the
money you saved…

So ok so I got this stencil at Michael's it was
originally ten dollars I used a 40% off coupon so it was six dollars we can use
it for all of our plates and it's from Martha Stewart collection and it's an iKat so we're going to use this to kind of mimic the pattern in the
williams-sonoma version and it works out really great so but it's gonna be messy
I'm not gonna lie so we just lay it down on the plate and where it bends we're
gonna have to push it down kind of like this so we may start from the top and
then like work our way back and then you're gonna have to fill in a couple of
holes here and there and I'll show you how that goes so again we're
going to use this whispering turquoise as our kind of blue
hopefully it's not crazy intense but it will be fun
so we'll start up here and we just get it wet dab it off a little bit you don't
want it too wet because then it will leak and what's nice about this ikat pattern is
it's already kind of naturally messy and so if it's not perfect it's okay because
it's ikat you want it to go on a little thick well and not being runny only
because you're not gonna get a second chance to put on it like a second coat
you can kind of touch up a a couple of spots here and there but generally
speaking this is your one one shot so we're going to take this up and there's
gonna be a couple of bare spots so we're gonna just randomly take so we've got
like this outer corner thing and some of these and I am just gonna randomly place
to fill in a hole my nature of using a stencil it's gonna get a little bit
messy and there might be a couple of spots that you want to go in and clean
up so what you're gonna do is dip a q-tip in some rubbing alcohol and very
carefully just go clean up the couple of areas that you may need to clean up and
then we're gonna let these dry clean up our messy fingers and we'll be back to
finish it off now we need it to pop so we're gonna just paint white over the
entirety of the back part and I'm just gonna brush this on with some chalky
craft paint but you know you could also take some spray paint and spray that on
and that would work out good is well but this is what I have and so
that's what I'm gonna work with we need a brush I'll just use this one I'm just
gonna use a foam brush but we'll just use this one cuz they have it available here we go so you want to cover the
entirety of the back make sure you cover the paper it just adds one more layer of
protection on the piece of paper that we Mod Podge on and you're probably going
to need to do two at the minimum a possibly three coats to get that really
nice bright white that's it and then we're gonna let it dry for a couple of
hours we are almost finished I know this is like a lot of passive time a lot of
drying time the part itself painting is too terribly long but it's all going to
be worth it in the end now we've got our two coats of white on and now it's time
to seal it because if you want this to be washable want to even throw it in the
dishwasher I don't know if I'll actually two remaining in the dishwasher but if
you want to throw yours in the dishwasher then you're gonna definitely
want to do this step to help it preserve for a long time so we're gonna
pull out our dishwasher safe Mod Podge again we're gonna do two good coats of
this on the back and let it fully dry okay so it says we need 28 days for this
to cure but if we don't have 28 d ays we're going to try out a little hack on
that see if it worked out but by using the
ovens I'll meet you back here and a couple seconds your time and a couple
hours my time we are done our plates are so cute
would you love these on your table I've got a couple of them classy yet fun! I am
so excited for Easter to be coming and I just love all the things on Pottery Barn
but they're really pricey you can get the look for Less without spending a
fortune and people will think that you got it there my first dupe is on Pottery Barn
they have these really adorable mini nest place card holders now I'm gonna do
this today and what I've gotten is I found these picks at Michaels now in the
original version there is three eggs you'll notice this one only has two I
was fine with it but if you really want the three they did have the three as an
option it just was a little bit more money and I thought well two is fine if
this one is originally four dollars but half off it was two dollars and one with
three eggs was six dollars or three dollars a piece let's get started with
this one first all we're gonna do is clip off the back of this pick your left
with this really cute nest now we need something to put our name card on our
place card holder so I bought some jewelry wire and the reason why I went
with the jewelry wires this is a little bit heavier gauge but it has a prettier
finish than the floral wire pick up some heavy wire around the house go ahead and
use it you can only spray-paint it if it
doesn't come pretty finished we're just gonna clip off a little bit so what I'm
going to do is I'm going to start out with a pen and I am gonna start curling it grab the needle nose we're just gonna keep
curling it because we're just gonna make a little swirl in which that we can put
the name card in and then we're gonna a little bend and then we're gonna see things working and it
looks up like about three inches and then we're simply gonna just cut that
off and we're left with this little curly Q and we're gonna just put a little
hot glue on the bottom here we're gonna shove it down in between the eggs and
we'll hold it for a second to let it set up and that's really it
then once the glue sets up then we can put art of the little name card in it
and we have so easily duped the Pottery Barn version my next project I am so so
excited about this probably might be the one that I'm most excited about which
were these moss-covered rabbits they have on Pottery Barn they are really
adorable but for 80 bucks we can do better so I originally found these two
smaller bunnies for they were originally $7.99 at Hobby Lobby half off or $4
a piece and I was just gonna do but then I found a mama bunny Ross for
$8.00 now they're more about this size the ones from pottery Barn's but I
thought you know even like the little ones that you can still get the same
look and on the backs of them they had like little ivy growing off of it
now the Ivy was really tiny and I couldn't find an Ivy that was tiny
enough that I really liked but I found this bush at Hobby Lobby and it was
$6.99 half off so $3.50 for this bush and I think that it will work for all of
them it will be enough and I'm going to start on the babies first so I'm gonna set
momma aside for just a second we're just gonna cut apart this into little tiny
sections and all we're gonna do is hot glue it on so this is gonna be another
very quick project where we're gonna have massive savings that Pottery Barn
version they had some greenery on the head and on the back and the little
strategic spots so we're gonna start by gluing this on the back a little dab in
the ears where you can't see very good and we'll hold it into place
for a second and like all these projects are a little hot glue a little cutting
so easy you guys can totally do this hold it in place for just a second…so while we're waiting for the glue to dry, why don't you let me know what kind of
projects you like to see me do we'll just keep working at it until we feel
like it has a good look and we'll keep referring to our Pottery Barn example okay so I am done with my bunnies
I'm so excited with how these turned out they're so cute
huge savings okay so like the big one would have been about $80 at Pottery
Barn and this was less than 10 and now I'm going to start on my last project
which is some bunny burlap napkin holders now this is one that they used
to have at Pottery Barn like last season still think they're cute and they have
an updated version of it on their website right now that's gold but I for
my table I wanted the more natural version so I've taken some burlap here I
have it left over from another project and I have some toilet paper rolls what
we're going to do is I am going to measure it to one and a half inches I'm gonna just
make marks all the way around and then we're going to connect them so we know
where to cut and then I'm just gonna take a box cutter here a sharp one and
cut on the line…

If its sharp this should not be too hard and the reason I didn't
want to do scissors was because I didn't want to pinch it or create a crease okay
so we cut this to one and a half inches and then we're gonna take about a two
and a half inch by six inch piece of burlap which I'm just gonna
kind of eyeball what you need is a little bit of overhang on each side and
enough to wrap around the roll we are going to just put some hot glue the
middle part of this enough about an inch and half white because we're gonna stick
our toilet paper holder piece and get on very carefully and that one spot and
then we'll just roll it in and then to finish it off we're gonna just put
another line of glue and close that seam so it's completely glued on let it set
for a second and then we're gonna put hot glue on the inside rim and then
we're gonna tuck our unfinished edges in alright so you would never know that
this a toilet paper holder now we've got to
make the ears okay so we've got a three inch by eight and a half inch piece of
burlap that we're going to make bunny ears out of so the first thing we're
going to do is we're going to fold this in half lengthwise about an inch in the
middle we're going to do a line of glue on the edge here and then we are going
to press that down now I use I've been using these pliers because I don't want to…

I burned my fingers a couple times so instead of burning my fingers I'm using my pliers to kind
of stick it down because the glue kind of squeezes through a little but now
that we've included in half lengthwise we're gonna fold it in half the other
direction and do a nice crease right in that crease we're gonna add some glue to
glue it together so now you can see that we've kind of got some bunny ears going
but these are rough like square edges and bunny ears are pointy so all we're
going to do is cut just the shape of bunny ears at the top and there you go! and then you have bunny ears and now
we're gonna attach it and I'm going to cover up this seam of another bead of
hot glue stick this down you're gonna have to hold it while it sets up but
it's really that easy and we're gonna be done with our little project all the
bunny's the place card holders and these napkin rings we're getting the same kind
of look but we're saving a boatload of cash there it is so it's super cute
hardly any money basically in my case it was free but he had to buy a little
burlap if you wouldn't need that much and it would be super cheap and we have
adorable bunny napkin ring holders it doesn't really get much easier than that
and we've saved probably hundreds of dollars on these things you can do this
too I know you can all the designer knockoff all the Pottery Barn
williams-sonoma and all of those things are gonna be on our Easter table so
let's get started and let's set our table okay before we get too far into
this I'm just wondering what you think of my dining room table makeover I am so happy with how it turned out but
let me know in the comment section below what you think about the before and
after now that you get to see the whole thing.

If you've watched any of my table
scaping videos before you know that I have kind of a process of how I go about
setting my table and usually it starts out with a crisp white tablecloth but
this time I wanted to shake things up because they have a lot more natural
elements that I'm bringing in for Easter and so this time we're starting out with
a linen tablecloth by now you certainly know that I love to
use wrapping paper on top of my tablecloth and the one that I selected
today I got at the Dollar Tree and I just loved it because it had kind of
like that natural craft paper look but it had little flowers on it that we're
in white but it was really subtle kind of like a nice little textural nod to
spring and I just love it let's put it on just barely enough for my really long
table I also like to add an additional runner again it's always
about layering and adding more texture when you are table scaping in my
Thanksgiving poolside tablescape I'll put the link above
I used a burlap runner and I'm going to use that again the one I did was outside
of my tables longer and here so I'm gonna make another one so it looks like I had just barely
enough and the end is kind of wrinkled so I'm gonna go iron that real quick and
we'll put it back on ok so one of the really awesome things about table
scaping is just like with our burlap runner you can sometimes reuse things
you know I probably won't reuse the wrapping paper because we'll get stuff
and drips and spills on it but the things like the tablecloth and the
runners and things you can reuse them just put them with different decor and
get a totally different look okay so for my floral centerpiece this was super
easy you can totally do this what I did was start out with a trifle dish and a
wide mouth mason jar and I put that in the center and then I filled just some
Easter eggs speckled Easter eggs that I got at the Dollar Tree now they came in
with purples and yellows and pinks as well but I only opted to do the blue
greens and whites because it kind of matched my decor already but I love all
the pastels and that would look really fantastic on your table if the that works
with your decor as far as the flowers I have a few flowers in here that are
super nice that I have around my house all the time and I bend them and just
reuse them and make it work and then I mixed them in with lots of bunches of
white flowers from the Dollar Tree probably like 7 or 8 and I just I didn't
even cut them off the bushes I just shoved them in and kind of intertwine
them a little bit and honestly it's just a mounded flower arrangement
it's super easy to do 7 or 8 bushes and then a couple of nice flowers that I've
had are from around the house and bam you have an awesome centerpiece
for Easter I don't know if you recognize this tray but I featured this in my
Valentines tutorial it was filled with the little tea lights well I went to
Michaels and got some of this grass mat and cut it down to fit inside of it then
the grass mat was like regularly ten dollars but Michaels is always having
like 50% off or 40% off coupons so I was able to grab this for 6 dollars it was
on a 40% off sale and I also grabbed these other little speckled Easter eggs
from Michael's as well they were three dollars bag I think I got they get two
bags or one back I don't remember but there were three dollars a bag and they are so cute so we're gonna put that right down low in front so on my last
episode you will remember that I did a dupe of pottery Barn's
I think I called bunny ivy topiaries or something like that these looked a
little bit different than what I showed you but I kept looking at it and I felt
like it was missing a little something extra and so I actually happen to have
some of this greenery on hand this variegated stuff and I decided to add it
on and it just really took it over the top and it really added that something
that I felt like it was missing I got a on a clearance sale so I probably didn't pay
more than a dollar for the greenery and I've added it to all of our moss bunnies
from last tutorial so we're gonna put them on now I'll notice on this one I
ended up placing it on a little cupcake stand just to give it a little height
to balance out with the other side so we'll just tuck them in here I love these little bunnies they're
probably one of my favorite knockoffs just to balance things out with the
other side weight-wise I've got this little sign at Ross that says hello
honey bunny anyways I thought that would look really cute on her tablescape so I
just wanted to add a few finishing touches I've got a whole bunch of these
moss like covered stone things that I got at the Dollar Tree and we're just
gonna scatter them in here and just fill it in a little bit and then I also have
some of these extras of the speckled egg so we're gonna just place them strategically through out.

Okay so
on pottery barn I saw the most adorable wood charger plates and I knew that I was not
going to spend $40 a piece so I found some chargers that had like a wood look
to them on dollartree.com and honestly truth be told they looked a little bit
more wood like than they are I mean you can see the grain but these ones are
definitely more gold and I was going for more natural but I think it's gonna work
and I debated about whether or not to even use them because I have like kind
of a double charger thing going on so I'll show you what I mean in just a
second but let's get these on the table you'll notice that I'm only setting the
table for six I only have six chairs I'm looking for the perfect captain's chairs
I've not yet found them yet so you'll have to watch for that cuz I'm sure that
will involve some kind of tutorial for you so stay tuned for that okay so I
mentioned that I had debated whether or not to even use chargers I ultimately
decided on it because I liked the added layers but I got these ivy wreaths at
the dollar tree dollar piece and they are the perfect size for a plate to go
on top and they look like a you know a nest and we have definitely a nest thing
going on so again I'm gonna use both of them
because I like texture but you could get away with just using these so now it's
time to set our dishes and and you'll see me use these time and time again I'm
just using everyday white plates it works out great because we have those
decorative bunny damask plates that we did I always find that food looks
beautiful on a traditional white plate so it works out great I just love how the white plate is in a
little birds nest it's so cute okay so we have our
williams-sonoma bunny damask dishes dupe that we did I'm so excited to finally
put them on my Easter table and you'll notice that I actually did them in two
different colors so this one's kind of more of like a steely blue and this is
more of a turquoise so I'm going to just alternate those every other chair this is turning out every bit as cute as
I had hoped now we need to let people know where to
sit so it's time to put on our little place card holders a dupe of Pottery
Barn spring is in the air alright time for
stemware okay so in our last tutorial we duped some
older napkin rings by Pottery Barn burlap bunny ears so we are gonna place
those now so cute and I am just gonna place it right on the edge of the
right-hand side of the plate my Easter tablescape is done I am so
thrilled with how it turned out I hope that you liked it too if you did let me
know in the comment section below what your favorite element was and maybe what
you didn't like or maybe what you thought is missing I like to hear all of
your comments believe it or not I want to see your Easter table too so in order
to do that you can hop on over to Facebook to my Facebook page designed to
the nines and in that Facebook page there's a secret group called "all
things home related" and you can upload your projects and share out on your Easter
table successes and I so look forward to seeing those I am here outside of Trader
Joe's today because I'm going to be teaching you how to make a beautiful
bouquet of flowers you can use this to give to a friend to give to someone you
love you could even use it for a wedding but one thing's for sure is it's gonna
be on a budget it looks like I'm here on a good day they've got a great selection
I'm probably going to do something in the pinks and blues and purples and just
really soft romantic colors they have an awesome assortment of greenery that we
can use to fill in we're just going to shop here their hydrangeas are only $5.99 for a
bunch and I can tell you that's a fantastic price as well as their
oriental lilies are only $5.99 those are crazy good prices so that's why I like
Trader Joe's ok so I want to show you what I've decided on and I feel honestly
like I'm cheating a little bit by doing this but I wanted to show you how easy
it can be for you so they had these little mini bunches for $3.99 a piece
that I thought were really cute so I selected three of them that I felt
coordinated well together then I picked up some seeded eucalyptus and some
Hypericum berry which I love to use in a lot of my Arrangements I just really
like the way that it looks you can find it in green red and white I also
selected some white stock which smells amazing I just love the fragrance I like
the color and I think it will provide an additional interesting texture so now
we're gonna go check out we'll head home and I'm gonna put something together
we're gonna put our own little twist on it and even customize it a little bit
more so it feels really really special we are back from our trader Joe
adventure and what do you think of my new shelves I just built that in the
last episode I am so excited about it I haven't decorated them yet I did throw
up a couple of things just to get me excited so that makeover is coming up
very soon have you ever had one of those days where you're like you really need
something and you can't find it and you look and look and look and look you
can't find it I'm having one of those days so I could not find for the life of
me my floral shears they always wander off when I need them so I looked for a
good long time and then I'm like forget it so I'm gonna be using my easy action
Clippers I'm gonna make do with these today and I know the second I hit stop
on that record button they're gonna magically show up right you can relate
to that right so you can take all of the bunches of flowers that you purchase and
group them together and tie it off and have that be your bouquet but since I'm
adding in the white stock and the seeded eucalyptus I just decided to start from
scratch so I start out by taking one of the larger roses and some of the statice
which is what the purple filler is called and grouping them together and
then I add in some of our stock and and seeded eucalyptus and I'm going to be
adding in some of our spray roses with that hot pink color that's kind of
variegated it's so pretty and they also have some really cool decorative
greenery in those bouquets one that was kind of like a purple cabbage looking
type of greenery and some others that offer a really cool texture one thing
that I think makes bouquets look designer is when you have texture and
that includes having some flowers that are poking out a little bit further and
some that are tucked down a little bit instead of mounding them all into one
giant round sphere the variation is what creates interest and the interest it
makes it feel more designer the other thing that's really designer looking is
grouping small clusters of flowers together like these spray roses while
you do want little clusters of flower it is nice to spread out different colors
throughout the bouquet if you find you have a little hole just
push a flower and through that and grab the stem from underneath and gently tug
it down to the bottom then I do little sprigs of seeded
eucalyptus throughout the arrangement but I try to keep the stems as long as I
can especially so they can reach the water we're trying to make it the same
length the purple little spear looking thing is
called salvia I love salvia and I love how they pop
out of the arrangement and just add a little bit of interest one of my
favorite flowers are hydrangeas and they love these little small green hydrangeas
that came in the bouquets the cluster of Lily like flowers in the magenta color
are actually called alstroemeria and I love the softness that they add to this
bouquet you can see that there's a little hole so I just tucked a little
rose in to fill in that hole I also tuck in my Hypericum berry so I try to use the floral tape but this
one is just not as sticky as others that I've worked with in the past so in the
end I end up just duct taping our bouquet together so I know that it's
solid and it's not gonna fall apart now they do make a green duct tape but since
I'm not doing it as much as I used to in the past I don't have that on hand and
the regular duct tape will be just fine for this case and then I just cover it
up with the green floral tape so you can't even see the gray duct tape and then I make sure all of the stems
are cut to the same length look at this bouquet is so pretty! I
just love this it screams spring is a very romantic I love it I like to wrap
my stems in tulle and so I always have this six inch tulle on hand for flowers
for floral arrangements but also for wrapping presents so you know and tying
a bow on it so I have this handy all the time so we can you know do a contrasting
bright color like a aqua color here we could do something in the gold we can
also go kind of the rustic route and do something with like a burlap and wrap
the stems in burlap and that could look really nice kind of like the farmhouse
chic but I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to do this white glittery
tulle it has it picks up kind of the pinks and purples but it's like classic
white and so I think that I'm gonna use that
so we're gonna wrap the stem in that so then I can add a bow and I want to let
you in on a little secret I always hit the holiday ribbon when it's 75 to 90
percent off so then I have a stockpile of ribbon that I've gotten super
inexpensive but Dollar Tree also has some fun ribbons like this pink one
would go really nicely with our bouquet I may even use this one I just like my bouquets to feel really
really special I've done a lot of wedding bouquets and I always like to
personalize it a little bit so sometimes I'll put feathers coming out of their
bouquet or something else but on the bouquet stems itself I like to take some
like little type of bling I've had some where I've had the word love on it and
that one was really pretty I like that one I've done people's initials hanging
from like some smaller ribbons and that's really pretty but I had this idea
so sometimes we have broken jewelry or jewelry that we're kind of over that's
not really our style anymore or things like that a necklace this one's kind of
like a rhinestone-y star one that I thought we could glue on top of the
tulle and things like that you could do a brooch this is a broken brooch so it
doesn't have a pin on it so we can just hot glue that right on I think that one
was actually really kind of fun before I add my dragonfly embellishment I add a
couple of purple thinner Sheer ribbons I picked up from the Dollar Tree as well
this part is optional but I just think it adds a little bit of extra fun in the end I ended up spending around
$25 for this large bouquet again you could definitely do it about half the
size and you don't have to add in all the extra flowers but I really wanted to
go over the top with this arrangement and it feels like spring in the most
grand possible way and I just adore this bouquet.

well I hope you enjoyed this
episode if so here's another one that I think I like as well and until next time
to all of my DIY Niners bye!.

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