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Ooh yeah! Look at it go! Now for the other side. Just a little more…
It was for sure the funniest episode! Huh. Wonder where he’s going? Oh my gosh, yes! What’s going on? Oh! Look! A pop-it party! Let’s go! Whoa! Your pop-it is so cute! I’ve got mine, too, so let’s go! Oh… there’s a bouncer… And there’s no food or drink allowed. But our candy… what are we gonna do? I really wanted to go to that party. Hey! I think we can go AND have out candy, too! Look! We can just take your pop it phone case. And I’ll put a picture of a camera lens here. Then we can fill it with skittles! One piece in each of the pop-it holes. Gotta maximize our candy stashing.

And now for the chocolate! I melted it, so it will pour easily. I’ll just drip it all over the skittles. Great! That looks perfect! It’s set, which means it’s ready! It looks like a regular phone! Nice! You’re so clever. All right, let’s go! You can go in. Uhhh, didn’t you see the sign? No food or drink allowed. Go on. Get out of here. I’ve got my pop-it! Go on in. Huh. I’ve never seen a pop-it phone case before. It’s cool! Have fun at the party! Hmm, looks like there’s no one around… Time for my jumbo pop-it! Whoa! There’re so many pop-its in here! Come on and help us do this big one! Best party ever! We win the stacking contest! Go go go! You’re setting a record! Hey, you wanna trade? Oh, okay.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Snack time! Ta dah! It’s ready for us! The pop-it case just peels right off. It’s like a home-made candy bar! It’s delicious! Have some! Hey everyone! We snuck in candy! Come have some with us!
All right, the silverware is perfect. Now for my lunch. Hey! Is it okay if I set there? Uh, do what you want. I love fries so much.

They’re my favorite. Ridiculous. I have to take enough photos for my insta. Whoa! Smart! I should do that, too. Oh. Right. I have a janky old phone. Guess I’ll just eat my food instead of photographing it. Oof. I just need to get this angle… Ugh. It’s not working. It’s no use. Hey. Do you think you could help me? Me? Sure thing! I’m happy to help! Let me just grab your phone… Just trying not to get grease on your screen. Ah! I dropped it! Noooooo! I caught it! Oh my gosh that was a close one. Phew. She didn’t even notice. Huh. There’s a spider right there. I think I have an idea! I’m gonna need a phone, a 3d pen, and a regular marker. I’ll start by making loops around  the marker with the 3d pen. Then I’ll slide the loops off.

Good. Now for the 3d pen again. I’ll draw a line to this corner. And now to draw more. Like a spiderweb. All while keeping the loops vertical. Excellent. Now for some more lines for decoration! This is gonna be a great looking spiderweb. Done! Spiders are amazing and so am I! Ooh, let’s do some on the edge, too. Now for some glitter! You can never go wrong with some added sparkle. It’s done! The loops work like a ring! Now I don’t have to worry  about dropping her phone again. Ooh, these are great pictures! Okay, I’ll take my phone back now. What did you do to it? Huh. I kind of like it. Thanks! You’re all right. You’re welcome! This lunch turned out to be a lot of fun!
Hey! How’s it going? Look what I’ve got! No way! When did you get that?! Just this morning. It’s purple and everything! Wow. I’m pretty jealous.

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I wish I had a new pretty phone. But wait! I don’t need a new phone. I’ve got a pretty case! Cases, actually. I have more than one. Heh. Okay. I guess that’s something. Well, I think I’ve got even more! I just really love this new color. Well, look at all my colored cases! They are cool… but still not cooler than my purple phone. What? Well. You’ve given me no choice. Umm, what are you even talking about? So be it! All my cases! Whoa! There’s so many of them! There, see? Cases are pretty, too! Wow! I’m really impressed! Well, now I’m kinda bummed out about my new phone.

Oh! I just got a genius idea! I’ll take this straw and close  the end with a flat iron. There we go! Now for the next part. I’ll use this little syringe to fill the straw with colored liquid. Perfect. Just like that with a little extra space. Now I’ll close this end, too. Now I just need this clear phone case. I’ll cover it with glue from a glue stick. Good. Now to stick on the straw. I made a bunch with different colors. I fit them all on the case. It’s looking great! Check out my new case! It’s got bubbles that move. Whoa! I’ve never seen one like that before! Me and my colorful phone case will see you later. Aww man. I’m back to being jealous.
Oof. What a long day. I can’t wait to get some sleep. Just gotta get comfortable… Maybe if I lay on this side. Ugh. It’s too bright! I just want to get some sleep! There.

That’s better. Why is this pillow so uncomfortable?! This is ridiculous! Does the whole world hate me? I’ll stick a leg out. That will cool me off. But what about monsters under the bed? Better keep me leg up here. I guess I’m just not gonna get a good night’s sleep. And of course, now I’m cold. Maybe this position? Or like this? ARGH! I hate my bed! This night is the WORST! What is it? Why are you screaming? Hey. An egg. That gives me a great idea! I’ll start with a phone case and a glue gun. I’ll draw a circle of glue in the middle. And now I’ll paint it with white nail polish. Great. Now I’ll wait for it to dry. For the next step, I’ll need a yellow balloon. I’ll just cut the top off. And then I’ll put a ball of slime inside it. Just like that. And now to put it on the phone.

It’s squishy! There. It looks like an egg on my phone case! Oh… the squish is so relaxing… Wow. Now I’m nice and sleepy. Eggs. Is there anything they can’t do? Which of these DIYs was your favorite? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this video with your friends and subscribe to our channel’s page for more great videos like this one!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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