Building Our House Under $5000..Start to Finish [120 Day TIMELAPSE]

It took us 120 days of work to build this Cabin, and spent a total of 5250 USD, in all the construction material, around 4500 euros Plus 4500 USD in the Solar Kit system, around 3900 euros finally after hundreds of hours of work, we finished the Step by Step construction guide. Which explains the whole building process step by step, in more than 70 written pages. It also includes all the architectural and structural plans , furniture plans, details, full material list, kitchen plans, supplier list, electrical installation, plumbing and much more, basically all you could ever need to build this same Cabin. It has taken me months of work to put it all together, we will need to sell hundreds of them in order for it to repay all the hours invested on it. but having the opportunity to help this community as an architect, and impact your life with good design is very special to us.

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the idea of being able to help and inspire many of you to build a well designed off grid Cabin is a dream that we have always had..

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