DIY Room Decor! 10 DIY Room Decorating Ideas for Teenagers (DIY Wall Decor, Pillows, etc.)

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In this tutorial I'll show you more than 10
amazing ideas to decorate your room. Ready? My room is so boring! Wait… Let's do this! Hey loves! As promised I have a room décor
tutorial for you, where I'm going to show you more than 10 epic ideas to spice up your
room! And this video does not only include decorations, but also a complete room transformation
because I warn you, I went all out and completely transformed my room from plain and boring
to absolutely beautiful.

Want to see it for yourself? Then just keep watching! For the first DIY I decided to beautify my
plain white furniture. And since we'll be using paint it's very important that you protect
the working area. You will need a paint brush, sponge applicators, masking tape, primer and
paint. I'm going to paint 5 drawers, 2 in pink and 3 in aqua blue. I'll also add little
white dots on top, which will look adorbs, just wait for it! So let's start with the
first drawer. We're just going to paint the front, so to keep that neat edge we need to
protect the inside with the masking tape. Make sure your furniture is clean and dry
and you're set to start painting. Well, first we have to apply primer which assures that
paint sticks firmly to the furniture and will last us many years. Leave the primer to dry
completely and finally here comes the fun part – color! Let's start with this pretty
pink. Give the paint a stir and then just paint the front of the drawer and the side
edge. I love how with paint your can totally transform a room for such a low price.

move to the blue paint. I love this blue-aqua, it's so beautiful! Apply one even coat and
let the drawers dry for a day. Then apply another coat. My paint was actually quite
thick and one coat would do the job but I still decided to go for two. And here are
all my painted drawers – so pretty! Leave them dry completely before you start drawing
the dots. Here I am marking where each dot should be – I went for 3 inches between
the dots and 1.5 inches between each row of dots. To make a perfect dot I am using a big
circle puncher. Make a circle hole in a piece of a masking tape to get this neat dot stencil.
Stick it on the drawer and paint the inside of the dot with a sponge applicator dipped
in white paint.

The perfect dot! If you want the dotting to go faster you can also just
make them using a sponge applicator as it's shape is rounded. But I really wanted mine
to look perfect so I took time for it. My blue drawer is done and look how beautiful
it is! And here is the pink one finished too! All my drawers are done and I can't even explain
how happy I am with them. Let's put them in place! I love how the white dots connect the
painted drawers with the rest of the furniture which I kept white.

I adore my new furniture! For the bedding I chose a simple white one
with pink accents saying love is in the air. Oh yeah! I also got this textured blanket
for when it gets a bit chilly. And I love to decorate my bed with pillows, a lot of
pillows! Since they can actually be quite pricey, I made this gorgeous smile and chevron
pillows myself. I'll show you how to make the smile one first. To make it you will need
an empty pillow case, which you can get for very cheap, scissors, fabric glue and wool. Take your wool and write anything you like,
I decided to write the word smile on my pillow because you know what they say: just smile
and the world will smile with you.

Once you are happy with how the word looks like just
take your fabric glue and stick the wool in place. Lift it up, apply a bit of glue and
press the wool down on the pillow case. In the end I am adding a little spiral above
the letter “I” to represent the dot. And we are all finished with the adorable Smile
pillow. This project is literally done in 2 minutes and it doesn't really get any cuter!
You can also make this pillow for a friend and maybe write his or her name on for a beautiful
personalized gift.

But I am keeping this one for myself! Another idea is a chevron pillow. You'll need
a white pillow case, masking tape, a pot for color, sponge applicators or a paint brush,
scissors and fabric paint. If you want to protect the edges of the pillow like me, stick
masking tape pieces along all the four sides. Now make the first chevron row by sticking
masking tape in a chevron pattern. Then stick another chevron row right above this first
one and add another above that one. Peel away the middle row and you get the perfect chevron
row stencil, which we're going to color later. I love this technique because it gives you
the perfect parallel chevron rows and neat pillow in the end. Okay, our chevron stencil
is all ready for painting. I decided for pink and blue, surprise, surprise, to match my

First I am making a blue row using a sponge applicator. For a crisp and neat edge
I recommend to move from the tape towards the center of the row. That way you prevent
the color from leaking under the tape causing a messy chevron edge. When all the rows are
colored, peal away the masking tape to reveal the perfect chevron pattern. You can use more
than two colors or even just one for a more classic chevron pillow. I love making my own
decoration for the room because I can tailor them to suite my room perfectly. You can stop
here because it already looks fantastic but I decided to color the edges too. Protect
the freshly painted chevron pattern with the masking tape and apply the color along the
sides. Remove the tape, leave your beautiful pillow to dry for a few hours and you are
ready to decorate your room with this masterpiece. I really like how these pillows make my bed
not just incredibly cosy, but also absolutely gorgeous to look at. Ok, my bed is pretty but there's stil a lot
of room on my desk and dresser so let's make some quick decorations to put on those.

this lovely colored sand cactus you will need some sand preferably white, cactus, bigger
glass, food coloring, toothpicks, a few more glasses or pots for the sand and something
to stir the sand with. Distribute the sand between glasses, I have four of them as I
also have 4 food colors. Time for the fun part – coloring the sand! Take a small amount
of water and mix in a bit of color. I have blue, pink, green and yellow.

Pour the colored
water in the sand and mix well to distribute the color evenly. If you put the food color
directly into the sand glass the color won't incorporate evenly. Trust me I tried it. It's
much better to mix it with water first. How pretty do these look! I love them, I just
want to eat them! Okay, now you have to let the sand dry completely… and then it's time
to make a pretty sandy house for our cactus. Starting with green, off you go into the glass!
I put my sand in little plastic bags just so it'll be easier to pour.

Place the cactus
on and let's continue with pink. I love plants but let's be honest all my plants die, so
I figured a cactus is a low maintenance plant that gives life to your room but doesn't require
much time. That's perfect for me. Look how beautiful sandy waves we're getting! I am
absolutely in love with this décor idea. Looks stunning and I had so much fun making
it. But be careful with cactuses, these guys can be really mean! A cute butterfly lamp, anyone? For this one
you'll need a plain lamp, a bunch of colorful butterflies and
a glue.
We are going to decorate the lamp cover with these shiny friends. I am starting on top
– All you have to do is put a drop of glue on the back of the butterfly and stick it
on the cover. Unique lamps can be quite expensive, whereas this plain one cost me around 4 dollars
and I also got the chance to make it exactly how I like it! I bought these butterflies
on the internet for a couple of dollars, so 6 bucks for this pretty lamp – not bad I'd

The top part is covered with the flying beauties so let's continue on the sides. To
make the lamp cover stay in place while working you can put something like a masking tape
inside. Instead of the super glue that I am using, you can also go for a glue gun. But
whichever you are using be careful that you don't stick your fingers together! Here goes
the final butterfly and we are finished with this unique lamp. It creates such a pretty
shuttered light full of butterfly shadows. And can also work as a hat… We all love candles… but how about these
super stunning colored candles made out of crayons? You'll need a candle glass, candle
wick, crayons and white wax.

Select three colors, I'm going with green, pink and blue.
Put some wax in the pot and add a piece of crayon. Now you need to melt the wax and crayon
so you can either put it in a microwave, just make sure to use a microwaveable pot or just
melt it above the candle like me. I like watching how the wax melts and mixes with crayon. Feeling
like a lab scientist. When everything is nice and melted give the colored wax a stir. Here
we have the pink and here the blue. Place an eraser under one side of the glass, hold
the candle wick in the middle and pour the melted wax in. When the first layer is dry,
place the eraser under the other side of the glass and pour your second color in. Lastly,
remove the eraser and pour your last color on top for that neat horizontal ending. You're
left with a gorgeous colorful candle. You can also use more than 3 colors.

Here I decided
for a smaller slope and 4 wax colors. Now your candles will give you that cosy warm
feeling and a nice pop of color to your room even when they're not burning. A very cute way of incorporating low maintenance
plants to your room is a bamboo stick in a tube with water decorated with colorful stones.
Hold your bamboo stick in the middle of the vase and pour in stones in colored layers.
I started with green, then red and lastly yellow. That's it, how easy, fast and pretty
is this diy! If you don't have a bamboo you can totally make this stone terrarium with
any plant of your choice and it will for sure brighten up any room. We also need to make some decorations for
our wall, right? First I’m going to show you how to make this awesome paper flower
garland, which doubles as a hawaian necklace.You will need some colored paper, I have some
patterned as well, scissors, stapler, hole puncher, pencil, ruler and a string.
Measure a rectangle of about 5 by 2 inches, you can also make it larger if you want bigger
flowers, and thenjust cut it out with scissors.

Fold your rectangle three times along the
shorter side and unfold it again. We did this just to get these guiding lines all along.
Then fold the paper again but this time in the zig zag manner like me. Time to take our
stapler and make a punch in the middle of that little rectangle. Cut away the corners
diagonally, this will give you that pretty flower shape. Open up your flower by joining
the sides together and secure them in place with your stapler. Now just make a bunch of
them in different colors… aren’t they pretty?! When you have enough of flowers we
are ready to thread them on the string.

Make two holes in each flower using a hole puncher.
As you can see, I like leaving an empty petal between two petals with holes. Finally lead
the string through the holes you’ve just made to hang all these cuties on. Voila! We
are all finished with this adorable flower garland. You can hang it above your bed, door
or window, I decided to place it on the wall above my desk, so that when I am working I
can see this beautiful creation in front. I love how it gives a lot of color and texture
to my wall. Another great wall art idea is this colorful
canvas painting with a word on. The things we need are a masking tape, acrylic paint
in different colors and sponge applicators. To start off stick your masking tape on the
canvas to write any word you like. You can be very creative here but keep in mind that
letters that consist only of straight lines are a bit easier to make – Like the word
LIVE, which I went for. Once your word is set you can color the painting in any possible
way. I went for bright neon colors and I decided to make wave shapes all over the painting
using my sponge applicator.

I decided to go for the word LIVE, just to remind me that
every moment is a treasure that we have to cherish and enjoy. Sometimes I get so busy
with planning for the future, I get so excited about things that are about to happen and
I kind of forget that the present is all that we actually have. I love this idea because
in the end the painting turns out so neat with the pretty letters while you can just
slap the color on the canvas, not worrying at all. There we go. My canvas is entirely
covered in these happy fluorescent colors, so the only thing left for me to do is to
remove the masking tape. See how cool it looks! This painting will not just make your wall
look gorgeous, but it will also remind you to live life to the fullest every time you
see it. I love having freshly cut vase flowers in
my room, but unfortunately they can be really expensive and they don’t really last long.
No problem, because you can easily make these adorable pom pom flowers which will last forever.
You’ll need some small tree branches, wool, scissors and glue.
Take your wool and wrap it around 4 of your fingers about 100 times.

The more wool you
wrap the fuller and prettier your pom pom when finished. After a while you’ll end
up with a fluffy ball like this one. Take a short piece of wool and wrap it around your
woolen ball tightly. You end up with a bow shaped fluffiness. Take your scissors and
cut through the loops on both sides. The bow shape is gone but no problem because we got
a cute fluffy pom pom with a bit messy hairstyle, which we need to take care of. So just have
fun with scissors and give your pom pom that lovely rounded shape. Here you can decide
whether you want your flowers to be smaller and daintier or larger. I decided for big
statement pom pom flowers, so I am keeping the fluffy balls nice and large.

Make more
of these using different wool colors for a more interesting colorful bouquet. I went
for green, purple, yellow, blue and red. It’s time to attach some stems to our flowers,
so take your tree branches, I got mine from a park nearby. Apply some glue and place on
a pom pom. There you go, we’ve got a beautiful flower bouquet ready to put in the vase.
I decided to just use a jar as a vase. Hmm… I think something’s missing here. Let’s
go pick up some stones and fill up the vase with them. Bringing pieces of nature in your
room will give so much life to it. And I love exploring the surroundings searching for the
pretty things that nature created and that I can use in my DIYs. Now that’s what I’m
talking about! The stones make the flowers stand more straight and together, which I
like. These look so pretty, don’t really smell like anything but.. hey that can be
fixed too. Our flower vase is all ready to put on the desk, dresser or your night stand.
So these were my 10 DIY room décor ideas.

I really hope you like them and maybe got
some inspiration for yourself. Let me know what was your favorite part of the video.
Me personally, I really love how the drawers turned out. I think they are so pretty and
they really give a nice bold statement to the room. But I also loved everything else
and I still have plenty ideas on my mind for room décor and wall art so do let me know
if you would like to see more. I hope you guys are doing great. Thank you so much for
watching. I love you and we'll talk soon! Bye. Being your own interior designer can be so
much fun. May it be a big furniture project or a cute little decoration – your creativity
can make a place shine..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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