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what's up guys i'm ben from authentech,
and today we're checking out the honeywell all-in-one smart home security
system it's key features it has facial recognition camera 24 hours of free
cloud storage motion and window and door sensors Amazon opens up and z-wave
integration there's a lot to cover here and some really cool features so let's
jump right in now I received these starter kit plus an indoor and outdoor
motion camera and motion sensor huge shout out to Honeywell for sponsoring
this video in the starter kit includes the camera
base station a remote control key fob and to access sensors for windows and
doors the base station specs a 2 megapixel
1080p HD camera with a hundred and forty seven degree wide angle view night
vision and motion detection now this camera also packs inside a 5 watt
omnidirectional speaker an LED ring 3 microphone arrays 85 decibel alarm and a
two-way audio let's live authentic now that loudspeaker isn't just for two-way
talking but since this camera also acts as a smart home hub you can talk to the
built-in Amazon Alexa or Google assistant which is coming soon this
opens up a lot of functionality so we could say turn on the lights or what's
the weather outside it's 84 degrees Fahrenheit with cloudy skies it's very
cool and I'll cover more on that shortly two other sweet features of this base
station it also has a rechargeable battery for backup power lasting around
30 minutes or so on reserve this is perfect for when the power cuts in or
out or let's say the alarm system is going off and the intruder tries to
unplug the base while the alarm will continue to sound this is a great
security feature secondly the base also has that z-wave built in so you could
control other smart home z-wave devices through the base station now moving on
to the motion sensor it's completely Wire free and they say battery life can
last up to three years being completely wireless makes it a cinch for setup and
install with easy it he mounting strips already attached and
lastly it's using smart infrared tech so it should know the difference between a
human or a pet or background motion like fans and robot facts and last up are
these video sensors which they call a motion viewer the idea is clever and
unique it's like a motion sensor completely cordless Wire free
battery-powered lasts up to two years alerting you day or night on motion but
it also has a camera built-in so when it senses that motion you also get a 10
second video clip of what's going on it's a very interesting idea they have
two different models the white ones for indoors that black one is for outdoors
it's fully weatherproof nice and discreet each motion viewer has night
vision built-in and long-range detection up to 33 feet and similar to that
previous motion sensor it's also pet-friendly as well so it shouldn't be
alarmed by background motion setup an install on this all-in-one security
system is a cinch and I always appreciate when it goes smoothly like
this one did you download the app create an account add new device plug in the
camera I like that pulsating LED ring at the
base different colors indicating different status connect it to your home
Wi-Fi and that's about it during setup you can turn on or off geofencing this
basically Auto switches your security system mode based upon your phone's
location this is helpful this way you don't have to manually arm or disarm
your alarm every time you go in or out with geofencing turned on it'll auto
toggle it for you you can also turn on Amazon sub allowing you to hear the news
what's the news for today here's your flash briefing check the
weather you can look for thunderstorms and even stream music which is expected
to release later this year lastly you can also turn on or off people
recognition now it's currently only a two-hour window but you set the time in
the app and then it'll notify you when the camera sees people you can also add
familiar faces to help train the camera to recognize family and friends it'd be
nice if we could expand this time window in the future as for hands-on testing
here so my favorite features I found first
and importantly that HD camera has an uber wide-angle lens
squeezing a lot into frame match with great dynamic range and night vision it
all looks good there's a timeline of activity feed in the app which is nice
and convenient to scroll through the latest events that took place
you can view delete or download video clips captured for free they give you 24
hours of cloud storage or you can upgrade to a membership plan which
offers you 30 days of video clips we can turn on motion detection zones on the
camera so that's to only get alerts and notifications of motion that takes place
inside those zones with customized sensitivity I like the option to turn on
email notifications and as a great bonus there's a thumbnail preview image that's
included in each email as well now a small feature request when I slide down
on my notification tray on my phone and be really cool to see a motion thumbnail
here as well small but nice feature the base station also notifies you if it's
been unplugged or moved I like you can set the camera to auto turn off when
you're in home or night mode plus we can physically twist the cap to block the
camera for full-on privacy now besides Amazon Google and z-wave integration
they even have if this than that integration full functionality coming
down the road there's a remote control key fob for arming or disarming the
alarm system and for many people out there it's nice to have a tactile
physical remote and a fun bonus feature we can arm the system by our voice
example ok security I'm leaving this is perfect if your hands are full and
you're running out the door it's easy to quick shout out plus there's other voice
commands as well now to cover a bit more on these indoor and outdoor motion
viewers the camera quality isn't great and I can't pull up a live video feed of
these motion cameras which I'm guessing is purposeful to help maintain long
battery life however the idea is still clever you stick up or attach one or
many of these little motion viewers in a spare bedroom or around the front door
garage patio backyard ever and ill sense motion and then Auto
send those video clips of what's moving around right to your phone it's totally
wireless setting these up with the base station is a breeze you just pull the
battery tab Auto find an ad and that's it now one more cool thing these outdoor
motion viewers offer is something they call enhanced deterrents turn on the
setting and you can have this speaker play sounds when it detects a person the
three options are pretty hilarious and fun there's dog barking party is on and
vacuum I wish the speaker was a little louder
with these sound effects but the sound deterrence is still clever now on to my
wishlist and feature request number one I found their Android app to be a bit
buggy and it crashed on me a few times sometimes I was fast to load up the
camera other times it seemed to get hung up once when I was away from home the
alarm accidently went off with my wife at home pretty funny story she tried to
unplug the base station to turn off the alarm much to her surprise it still had
that battery backup inside so it didn't work
meanwhile I'm on my phone trying to quick jump into the app and disable that
piercing loud alarm while the app is crashing on me and it was a little
frustrating though I finally got in and turned it off it'll be really nice as
they continue to develop this app and squash some of these bugs number 2 the
camera hub needs a simple way to tilt this camera up or down just a wee bit
for example this cameras up on my mantle and there's a bit of wasted ceiling
space in frame tilting it down would be helpful and lastly number three I always
request this one but it'd be really nice to have a desktop or web app for remote
camera viewing changing your settings etc now in closing Honeywell is a big
established name brand they've been around in the tech game for a while this
is a nice all-in-one starter kit think of this base station not just as an
indoor camera but as a central hub with other Google a system music speaker
z-wave smart home controller yet it's modular security system so you can
easily expand and add more windows and door sensors motion cameras and more
it's easy for anyone to set up and install now if you want to check out
more info and pricing I'll give you all the links down in the video description
again huge thanks to Honeywell for sponsoring this video and if you're new
around here hit subscribe and ring the bell for more tech videos like this
posted every week until next time let's live off that tech

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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