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[MUSIC PLAYING] It's time to expand your comfort zone,
and the outdoor sofa will do just that. It's a unique and stylish way to
make your patio even more leisurely. It's called the outdoor sofa. It should take about an hour,
and once you're finished, you'll be spending all
your evenings outdoors. Here are the tools and
materials you're going to need. All available of course at
your nearest Home Depot. For materials, you'll need ten 8 foot
2 by 4 kiln-dried whitewood studs, one box of numbered 10 2 and 1/2
inch star flat-head wood deck screws, complete with bit.

For optional materials,
you'll need wood putty, exterior paint or stain
with polyurethane, and accessories for application. For tools, you'll need a circular saw,
a drill, a 1/8 inch drill bit, clamps, measuring tape, carpenter's square,
a pencil medium block sanding sponge, and of course, safety
goggles, and a mask. [MUSIC PLAYING] First, take seven of the 2 by 4s and
measure and cut them at 72 inches. These will be used as the seat boards. [MUSIC PLAYING] Using the remaining 24-inch
pieces, cut five of those pieces to be 21 inches long. These five 21-inch pieces
will be used as cross pieces, while the other two 24-inch
pieces will be used as armrests. Take two of the three
remaining 8 foot 2 by 4s, cut one at 75 inches and
the other at 79 inches.

These will be used as the back boards. [MUSIC PLAYING] Using your final 2 by 4, measure and cut
four pieces at 22 and 1/2 inches each. These will be used as your bench legs. [MUSIC PLAYING] In order to assemble the seat frame, lay
two of the 72-inch seat boards sections horizontal and parallel,
standing on their 2-inch sides. Next, place two of the 21-inch
cross piece sections vertically, standing on their 2-inch sides
between the two seat boards and flush with the ends. Clamp in place. Using your 1/8 inch drill
bit, pre drill two holes in the seat board on each side, then
secure using your 2 and 1/2 inch wood screws.

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Next, Align a third 21-inch
cross piece vertically in the center of the
frame and pre drill holes. [MUSIC PLAYING] Attach the cross piece with screws. Finally, split the
remaining difference in half on both sides of the center cross piece
for the fourth and fifth 21-inch cross pieces. Pre drill holes and attach with screws. [MUSIC PLAYING] Flip the frame over, and attach
the screws on the opposite side. Lastly, place the five remaining
72-inch seat boards on top of the frame. Be sure to place them flat and evenly
spaced, about 1 and 1/2 inches apart. Finally, screw each seat board into
the cross piece directly underneath it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Next, you'll need to stand
the frame on its long end. Align the two 22 and 1/2
inch legs so that they are flush to each side of
the frame at 8 and 1/2 inches from the bottom of the leg. Pre drill two holes
and attach with screws. Flip the frame over and repeat
on the opposite side of the sofa. [MUSIC PLAYING] To attach the armrest, you will
need to stand the sofa on its legs and secure the two 24-inch
armrests to the tops of the legs.

Ensure they are flush with
the inside of the legs. Then pre drill and attach
one screw in each end. [MUSIC PLAYING] Next, lay the sofa down. Align the 79-inch top
backboard so that it's flush with the top of the hand rest. Pre drill and attach with
two screws on each side. [MUSIC PLAYING] Measure an inch and
a half below this top backboard and pre drill and
attach the 75-inch backboard.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Finally, sand all the cut
edges, and use a stainable wood putty to fill in the screw heads. Once the putty is dried, paint the
sofa with exterior paint or wood stain and polyurethane. Once you've found the perfect spot for
your outdoor sofa, sit back and relax. For even more hands-on
help and projects, go to and sign
up for an in-store workshop near you. See you next time. [MUSIC PLAYING].

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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