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Best Smart Home Tech w/ Wink Hub 2 + Google Home + Nest + Philips Hue

– We spend a lot of time on this channel focusing on where to start your smart home, but we rarely talk about the finished product. Today, we're going to…

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LGR Oddware – X10: MS-DOS Smart Home Automation!

Greetings, and welcome to LGR Oddware, where we're taking a look at hardware and software that is odd, forgotten, and obsolete, and today, that is the X10 Power House: "Control…

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security system lights shades these are my stats showers faucets speakers a subwoofer in the shower ok it is time for an update of one of my favorite videos that…

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#354 Tasmota vs ESPhome: Who wins? (DIY Sensors, ESP32, Deep-Sleep, etc.)

I talk about Tasmota and ESPHome, along with Home Assistant, in many videos. Most of them focus on how to flash and integrate devices and sensors that are easily available….

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Complete Guide To The Ultimate Smart Home : Demo

Hey guys Matt here from and in this video I will be showing you what my channel is all about. [Intro] Welcome to my smart home, this is a…

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I am too excited about this Wow! Well hey y'all it's Ashley Renne and welcome back to my sustainable travel lifestyle and smart tech youtube channel where i teach you…

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Best Smart Home Tech for Outdoors – Ring Video Doorbell 2, Pro & Ring Floodlight Cam

– One of the coolest things about Building outside the smart home is being able to monitor outside your home no matter where you are. Today I am going to…

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FIBARO for Pros – Smart Home Use Case – Double Switch 2

We present the FIBARO switch an inteligent module enabling the remote control of on/off devices. If you need advice on how to fit or configure one just watch our film…

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Home Automation Project DIY Smart Home Tech IOT Power Distribution Box

How to DIY 4 channel super smart power distribution Box KC868 Smart Relay Controller AC Contactor use for MAX AC230V 1 phase, also can replace with 3 phase AC Contactor…

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how to diy smart home automation project system for 0 beginner

Hello everyone this video we will tell you how to DIY smart automation system in this 5 pints , we will tell you 5 step for DIY 1: which functions…

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